Thursday, July 15, 2010


No.......this is not mine.......but I thought it was as cute as a bug.

If I were a single woman traveling around the country......this is what I would be pullin'


It would be more than manageable and you would always be able to find a space in a park.

Now....sweet hubby and I would NEVER be able to negotiate this little baby in our travels.......but a girl can dream.........

We are leaving again for another little adventure around this beautiful country of ours.

I'll try to post and visit each one of you as I can.....but sometimes being on the road makes it a little difficult.  I know you all understand this ........ so until we meet again!!

Many, many hugs.................


  1. Josette: So glad that
    I couldn't sleep and was
    on-line to wish you a
    wonderful bon voyage!!!
    My mom wants my dad to
    buy one of these that
    needs fixing up, as a
    project for him and then
    a fun vehicle to take on
    their travels. I just
    love this one ~ so sweet!
    And, it would be great
    to have your own little
    home away from home as
    you travel. They have
    seen much of the world
    but are now focusing on
    domestic travel, like you.
    Send us a postcard!
    xx Suzanne

  2. Hi Jo... oooh, I would so love to own that little beauty too! I have seen all of those darling little vintage trailers that ladies buy and fix up and travel around together... Mary Janes Farm calls it "Glamping" (glamour~camping)... have fun on your new vacation, I can't wait to "travel" along with you again! xoxo Julie Marie

  3. G'morning Miss Josette!
    I love, love, love the travel trailer!!! I'm single and may have to add this to my bucket list.
    Enjoy your travels and be safe!
    Love your blog

  4. Oh Jo, I'm so envious!!!

    No, really I'm so glad you can do all this sight seeing of our beautiful country. I think if things were different in my life, I'd be one of the single ladies out and about in a snazzy little trailer. Yes, we can always dream, can't we...

    Have a fun and safe road trip, post when you can, and know you're in my thoughts :)

    I heart ya!


  5. I saw an article about these little campers in Mary Janes Farm magazine . I would love to go glamour camping . How fun !!

  6. Looks like loads of fun!
    Hugs, lisa

  7. "Cute as a bug"..."sweet as pie"..."picture Perfect"...yup...I love it...definitely a "Girly Girls Dream"...have fun on your road on...Rosie

  8. Yes yes yes...this is so what I would want, I adore it!

  9. oh just too cute! i love the first one with the touch of unique yellow :)

  10. Have fun Josette! I love that little trailer. How sweet! I like to dream about driving around this grand old country in a luxury bus like the c/w celebs have! He He I can dream can't I? Happy trails! Anne

  11. Thank you for visiting me and your sweet comment! This makes me think of my childhood and our camping days!

  12. Fun to camp in these little campers-glad I have one of my own-thanks for the post!

  13. What a fun post-love the vintage camper!


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