Monday, July 26, 2010

GOOD MORNING CAMPERS................!!!!!!!!



First of all......a big thank you to those of you are following me along this little trip of ours.

I again, apologize for not being able to visit each and every one of you as much as I might like.....but the WI-FI when traveling makes it almost impossible to visit as many blogs as I would like.

 Anyway.......we are now in IDAHO and this is how this part of the country looks  along Hwy 93.  It is breathtaking.....wouldn't you agree.

I'm a big city I find it truly amazing that there is still so much BEAUTIFUL LAND throughout our country that is still in its natural form.

Most of you probably know that our highways often follow along the old trails.
This little spot above is a tribute to the Oregon Trail followed by many of the pioneers when settling our beautiful country.  Each vendor in town plants a little spot of this  memorial garden and tends to it lovingly.

Hwy 93 follows the Salmon River and that has been our route......we have passed by beautiful majestic mountains and the Craters of the Moon, which are huge fields of lava flows caused by a volcanic eruption many, many, many years ago.

We are currently camped here.....right beside the Salmon Salmon, Idaho.
We will be staying at this beautiful spot for several days.

Next stop.....Missoula, Montana.





  1. Oh, Jo, this looks just wonderful. You are such adventurers to take a trip like this! Keep safe and enjoy! Ciao, bella!

  2. Hey Jo ~ Love seeing your camping photos, Your livin My Dream.... I so want to Travel this Wonderful Country of Ours, before the Camper, I need the Man to Travel with.... Fingers Always crossed, but My kids say finger crossing isn't really gonna work to find One (Man or Camper)
    EnJoy Your AdVentures!

  3. Hello,dear Jo:-)*
    What a fabulous nice place where you are now...

    It like me so wonderful moment to wake up between those adorable nature images,just in the realy life!

    Wish you many lovely,pretty days in you trip!


  4. Oh Jo I am so extremely jealous of you right now! :-)
    The Salmon River looks so beautiful and inviting, I can feel my mother's fishing rod on my fingers as I type!
    It is such a lovely place and so untouched, I hope it stays this way for future generations to behold.
    Have a joyous rest of your trip there and think of me should you decide to go swimming!
    Please tell your lovely husband I said hello, cheers!

  5. Lovely photos. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  6. You are truly in
    God's Country, here!
    Looks like a fantastic
    voyage and I bet you are
    just loving the whole trip : )
    Thank you for stopping by
    P&H and leaving your sweet
    comment about my friend's
    journey with cancer. Your
    words meant so much to us
    both! xx Suzanne

  7. Oh Jo, you are traveling to so many of my favorite spots! Growing up, our family did a lot of traveling,each summer my daddy spent at Ft Lewis, Washington, so we went through Idaho and Oregon then up the coast... I love the Salmon River too... If you have never been to Missoula, Montana, you will love it!!! You are bringing back so many happy memories for me! Have fun! xoxo Julie Marie PS I am a "small town" girl and I love this country you are showing... you will change your mind about being a "city girl"!!!

  8. I think your the one having the beautiful summer!
    I'm enjoying your trip Jo!!
    Looking forward to tomorrow!
    Pamela xo

  9. I love seeing pictures of the country; its a place of beauty and freedom. Thanks for sharing...

  10. What gorgeous scenery you are seeing. Thank you so much for taking us along with you in pictures. Hugs

  11. So you're off on another marvelous adventure? :-)

    Great photos, have fun!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  12. Beautiful Jo! I too am a city girl and love any of the country sites! Looks like you are enjoying a lovely vacation!

  13. I am in love with your photo's!! I do my critters and display them all over but your landscapes, old buildings, trains, flowers.. my goodness you have beautiful photo skills!! T

  14. As close as i am to Idaho, I've never been there....shame on me! But I can see it here and listen to you tell about it. Someday...

    Thanks for the road trip Jo, and enjoy your stay.


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