Thursday, July 22, 2010

OH LAUNDRY DAY...................


I'm taking a little break from posting about my little cross country adventure and joining  My French Country Home  to post about a fabulous give-away she is having.  We are supposed to come up with a little story about the laundry on the line in order to be here goes.

My name is Collette......I am a laundress and I spend all of the lovely days of my life working here.........................

Oh.....I know it looks lovely......but do not be deceived.  My petite hands are in suds and from morning to night.  The little atelier I work in is most inhospitable.

After hanging the mademoiselles sheets and chemises on the line.........and putting up with all the whistles and remarks from the nearby ouvriers I am completely undone!!!


Anyway....I diverge with my story..........Today, after all the laundry was dry......I went outside to retrieve my days work.  Taking down one piece at a time and neatly folding it into mademoiselles basket........Each piece was carefully creased and folded so mademoiselle could view her initials when retrieving her garments from the bureau.  

Mon dieu........when I reached the end of the line.....I realized madames bloomers were missing.   HER BLOOMERS!!!!!!  Now I will have to see the agent and file a report......
                                             MISSING BLOOMERS!!!!

                                             Sacre' blu ........... what is the world coming to!!!!



  1. Your story is so cute. Sounds like a winner to me!
    Wonder where the missing bloomers went!


  2. Missing bloomers...Oh My!!! Great story.

  3. Great little *Short-s* story Jo! You did so good!

  4. Such a good story! I just know you are going to win.

  5. Wonderful, great imagination! Perhaps the bloomers were rather loosely hung on the line and a great gust of wind blew them away. I believe the bishop saw them flying over the rectory roof and became so agitated that he passed out from the sight.

    Hugs XX

  6. Oh Jo that was great! Where did you learn to speak french like that?

    Pamela xo

  7. Great story! I like that you are one great storyteller! Glad I stopped by. Anne

  8. This is an adorable story. So nice to meet you through the diaries of My French Country Home's inspiration.


  9. This is a very sweet story, thank you so much for linking up to my giveaway.
    I have added you to my blogroll as promised.
    Good luck with the draw

  10. You are so talented!this blog is gorgeous!


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