Thursday, July 29, 2010


In college I started out as a History Major.....I ended up going into Accounting and Marketing eventually.....but never lost my love of History.

Ah but I diverge from my story.....anyway......the above book is about Lewis and Clark's incredible journey during the founding of our country.  I read the book a few years ago and was absolutely dumbstruck by what they had to endure.  

The Lewis and Clark trail follows what is now HWY 93 thru Idaho and Montana.

The Salmon River area is where Sacajawea, their young Indian guide was born.  We visited the small museum that is a tribute to this brave woman and the men she led.  

I believe young people of today should read books like the one they can truly understand what it took to make this great country of ours.

Without Lewis and Clark's expedition none of the pioneering of the West would have happened.

The above are some examples of the pioneer original abodes that are still standing in these wonderful states.  Almost every homestead has an original pioneer outbuilding on it .......they have truly stood the test of time.

Do you think we could do this today........I'm not to sure!!!!!





  1. You know the older I get the more interested in history I get.


  2. Hi Jo, I just love these old outbuildings, and you are so right, kids today don't have a CLUE how our country was settled! Hope you are having a wonderful time! xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I also love history and I wish they made more history books available to children in school Especially the books that tell the true stories of how all the people before us worked so hard to give us a start to be where we are today.

    I have a book "An Arkansas History For Young People" that tells of the Lewis and Clark expedition and some great Arkansas history. I would love to see the book in every Arkansas school.

    Knowing all we do now and having used all the tools available to us I have my doubts we could build homes and do things as the pioneers did. Maybe if we had no other choice we would manage to.

    Any time I see the word 'history' I am going to come history! Hugs

  4. I was visiting a different blog who had old Arithmetic books she found from the 1920s. People today are being dumbed down in the public school system. Classic work such as this book you are showcasing is non existent. School are more interested in portraying people like Bill Clinton, a lying manipulative cheat as a great American! Kids won't know most of this stuff unless we teach them at home! I am going to buy this book for myself. I love history. Thanks and I am sorry if I went off on a political tangent but I speak the truth when I see posts like this. You are encouraging me to read more history. I love it but my oldest son is a real history buff. I am going to have to post about something he told me that I had forgotten! Thanks for the great post! I really enjoyed it. Anne

  5. Hello Jo,
    You are so correct, young people should know about what true sacrifices were made to discover this lovely paradise we live in today.
    My sister has been to every continent but one and says each time she returns we do not realize how blessed we are in the U.S., I certainly do and do not take it for granted.
    Love your history lesson for today, I hope you have a joyous weekend, cheers!

  6. I would absolutely adore living in such a place. I kinda am right now. We have a small cottage that we are gutting from roof to joist under our feet. I can't say i'm loving it but We are spoiled in many ways us Americans. I served in the military and hold dear our freedoms. We have so much in this country. Today's generation of kids seem down right pampered and spoiled if you ask me. I have worked hard for everything we have. I'm trying to remind myself God gives us what we need and we do with it what must be done. I am grateful for our home but do not love the process of remodeling while living in it as yet. It's very slow when you can't rub two pennies together. But this week, we buy a few sheets of sheet rock so it's all good. Thank you for coming by and I hope you'll visit often. T

  7. Once I got involved in genealogy I became interested in history because it then became real to me. It became a part of my life not just words in a book. My people, my ancestors lived those moments of storms, wars, famine.

  8. Hi Jo,

    I love old building and the history they hold. Every time I visit old homes, my imagination runs wild trying to imagine all the history those old walls knbow! If only walls would talk! :)

  9. Great post Jo!
    My husband is a huge history buff and so has passed his love of history onto our son. Thank goodness our boy loves to read and he is sooo into history of any kind and he is only 11 !
    Pamela xo

  10. Aw Jo, this reminds me of a book I have that was passed down from my Grama. Her childhood friend wrote it and I'm not sure if many of them are around. It's called "Colter's Hell" by Grace Johnson. It's about the first mountain man to see Yellowstone, before Lewis and Clark, and wow, what good stories he told.

    I've read the book you posted about and loved it. I like history also and if I'd had the chance to do college back then, that's what I'd have majored in also...

    Keep telling all your trip stories!


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