Saturday, July 17, 2010



I've NEVER HAD ANY LUCK growing them.......but they take my breath away.

As an aside........forgot to bring cable to download pics to computer with us on our trip.  As soon as we find A BIG CITY will be obtaining  one and I will be able to show a few pics of our little adventure.

Hugs to all.......



  1. Hi Jo
    Orchids are so beautiful... I have never tried to grow one... Something always told me they would be a challenge.. Thank you for sharing the photo.
    I would love to see a little of your adventure

  2. I grow orchids and have for many years. Last year we had a very long and hard freeze and most of them froze, Some of my plants very ,very ,large and old. I was heart broken. This summer I have started over. Have a great trip !

  3. Beautiful!
    Hope you get to where ever a cable is so you can share. If you're that far away from the big city, you must be close to me :)

  4. Hi Jo...I didn't know you were traveling to Utah! Are you coming to Salt Lake City? That is just about 20 minutes away from me! Let me know! xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Oh sweet Jo I have missed you so but glad to hear your enjoying a trip with hubby.
    I caught up while I was here and love all your post.
    Orchids are in a category all their own and the only time I had luck with them was when I had my home in town that had a sunroom. When I moved them out here I never could find the spot they liked so they are now in orchid heaven.
    Along with a lot of my other plants.
    The little lemon drop or whatever you called it would be prefect for me. A neighbor had one for sale and I have been wanting to ask him if it sold.
    You are living my dream right now traveling but you also did another post about that too and your right be happy where we are now. I need to copy and paste that and put it only the ceiling.
    I got a kick out of your comment about my drugs being good. Thank goodness I am slowly taking less each day.
    Love you
    Can't wait to see where you are and the pictures

  6. Orchids are a very old flower...

    And yet their beauty is timeless!
    Cannot wait to see you pics :)

  7. Sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Orchids, yes, they have always been a challenge for us here at the farm. I've killed every one ever received as a gift - giving an orchid to someone who regularly kills them is dangerous (for the orchid). Anyway, FHFB and I went to the Orchid Show at the NY Botanical Garden one March, he had purchased tickets as a Valentine's Day gift. The show was so spectacular that you couldn't help be fascinated by the many varieties and then determined that you too can raise one. And of course the staff continually stated how easy they are to grow. FHFB purchased three different varieties: Tinkle Bell (very cute little white/yellow flowers, a chocolate scented one and one other that I don't recall. That was four years ago and the orchids are doing well. They are his babies and he takes good care of them. So, give it a try - but try going to an orchid workshop or talking to a good orchid grower for help and support! Ciao, bella!


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