FEELING THE WIND ON MY SKIN.................

Sometimes it is just a flutter
This soft touch of air that kisses me so gently

Often....it is an embrace 
that envelops me
with its boldness

Blowing my hair and clothes about haphazardly with explosive gusts of air

But more often than not
it is just a soft breeze
that caresses my face 

be present....
be present....
be present......

Have a beautiful day,


Photos:  Pictures. blogspot.com
Pnina Evental
Idea for this post.....my beautiful soul mate


  1. You are so beautifully creative. I do love checking in with you to see what beauty you are offering today.

  2. Hi Jo,

    Hope you are doing well.
    Lovely post and photos! I love when the wind caresses my hair! :)

  3. Perfect paring of words and photographs.

    I am ever thankful to feel the wind on my face.

  4. Beautiful post Jo! Lovel, lovely paintings, and photos. Have a great week, xxox Christel

  5. My little grandson Dax called me the other day and said,"Nana did you feel someting a little cool and wet last night when the wind blew on you? Don't worry it was just the kiss I send you!!" Oh be still my heart!

  6. That was so very beautiful. Loved everything about this post...your words and the paintings.

  7. Dear Jo
    What beautiful words to accompany the exquisite paintings. I love the photo also.
    Thank you for coming over to see Connie's Witch... I thought you might enjoy. I will pass your sweet words along to her.

  8. How lovely your blog is and no truer words are spoken. Be still and know that I am God.
    It is like that in nature we have so many beautiful seconds in a day to capture that special feeling or that vision.
    Thanks for coming by and esp. for posting my giveaway. I am your newest follower. Kathy

  9. Everything about the post was so soft. I could feel the cool breeze. Yes we must always stay in the present. Also loved your table setting for your going away dinner. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Beautifuly written with beautiful pictures.

  11. We are soul sisters I can tell. I LOVE FLOWERS and I see you do also! And...I saw a sweet baby as I scrolled down! They are so special.

  12. If I close my eyes, I can feel the breeze right now!

  13. Lovely post my dear Jo, love the heartfelt expression of the words and the photos go with them perfectly! Wishing you a beautiful day!~Hugs, M

  14. These are such lovely images. I especially like the paintings of the ocean breezes. I can feel and smell the salt air.

  15. Hi Jo
    Love the light in that first painting.. beautiful

    Hope you are having a lovely week.. and thanks for stopping by... I slowly catching up now I'm come.. ciao xxx Julie

  16. yay....Beautiful Jo...thankyou for whisking me away in the the magical breeze of life..I feel nourished..beautiful words..thankyou! Gorgeous images..and wow..the last one i have as a print hanging in my home..it is a fave painting that i adore!
    Hugs and blessings sweet friend!

  17. So beautiful! I loved this piece about the breezes in our life. Really beautiful blog.


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