Friday, May 25, 2012


I really don't make many pies....and I am not so sure you could really classify this as one...but here is something I whipped up from items in my fridge that I wanted to use up.

Fat free cool whip
Reduced fat sour cream
Peaches or strawberries if you have them on hand
and crumbs from the bottom of the cookie jar

Smash crumbs in a baggie......
Mis sour cream and cool whip sweet....or not so sweet as you desire

Spread crumbs in the bottom of your pie plate
cover with whatever fruit you have chosen
(I had to use peaches because ...... I had them on hand.....and my soul mate cannot eat strawberries)
Cover the whole thing with cool whip/sour cream mixture......

Then top with some of the remaining cookie crumb mixture.

I might sprinkle some nuts on top before I serve this.....and I'm not sure if it will be more like a pudding rather than an actual piece of pie....but I think it will be yummy....and made completely from things in my fridge that I needed to use...and it should not be very high in calories since I used "skinny" everything except for the cookie crumbs.

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. I'd eat it! And with a big smile on my face!

  2. It looks delicious. Something I definitely have to try...that is if I don't eat the container of cool whip first. I have a habit of doing that. One spoonful turns into two, and before you know it....

  3. This sure looks good Jo.
    its jotted down on my menu recipies..
    Yesterday, I for lunch a friends.. she made ..stewed apples, strawberries and kiwi. never had that before.. she served it slightly warm the centre of the dish, she put plain greek yoghurt..and then drizzled honey over it... it was delicious.
    look forward to eating yours..
    happy weekend and happy travels.

  4. oh yummy! reminds me of a show that I like where a chef knocks on peoples doors and with whatever they had on hand was made into a gourmet meal. I love those challenges...some really wonderful things can come of this one! I'd have some too and I'm not a dessert person myself. :D

  5. Sounds good to me and so easy. I will remember this one. Thanks. Diane

  6. Looks yummy Jo... I think I will try one, only I use real whipped cream, and real sour cream... don't like the no~fat low~fat stuff... enjoy yours!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. YUMMY!!! that is called recycled food!!! I am going to try that tonight!!! :D

  8. ...mmmMMMmm! ~ big pie smile!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...


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