Sunday, May 6, 2012

THE SCENTS OF SUMMER......................

We all know how fragrant Gardenias and Roses are......I have both of these in my front and back gardens.....however......this post today is about other scents in a summer garden.

This is scented rose smells heavenly when touched or incorporated in a bouquet.....I almost lost all of it a few years ago due to a heavy, heavy freeze...but somehow it managed to survive and now has come back full force in my beds.  I always give cuttings to fellow gardeners when they stop buy as it is difficult to find here.


I have rosemary bushes in my yard that are at least 4 to 5 feet high......sweet Sophie and wonderful Skyler like to poke around in them looking for bunnies.  You can imagine how my beautiful dogs smell when they come in the house....yep.....just like whole house is filled with the scent.


Lavender grows really well here.  I have it in with my rose bushes and get loads and loads of blooms each year.  When the breeze kicks up in the evening....the sweet smell of lavender fills the air.....along with


The little white flowers are seems to thrive here along with the lavender and the 
Chives...which are in the background in the above picture.

Sitting outside when it is cool in the evening all these scents mingle and the fragrance is heavenly. 

 I usually incorporate these herbs in bouquets when bringing flowers in the them that special touch of summer......
What's growing in your summer garden?




  1. ...ooooooh! ~ such a beautiful herbal garden paradise treat! ~ thankyoU for the gentle walk amongst the kindreds! ~ blessed be!...

  2. I think one of the herbs in my window garden is rosemary. I know the other is basil. The third I am not sure of. You can tell it is a long time before I did any gardening.

  3. Hi Jo... oooh how lovely!... I just love scented geraniums!... I would love to stroll through your beautiful garden... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Jim planted a tomato plant in one of those upside down containers. Does that count as a garden? LOL

  5. All of this is growing in my garden, except the rosemary that I've lost last year. But I still remember the scent. I also have monarda and melissa, both smell like lemon, and I have the hyssop that I love.

    It must be special to smell rosemary on a dog ah! ^^

    You give me the idea to think about scented plants at my next shopping to the garden center. Have a good week! 8)

  6. Dear Jo, as always, beautiful photography! I must admit I am envious of your beautiful garden, and can almost smell the lavender, and thyme! I also must confess that I have only wild flowers in my yard, nothing whatsoever have I planted myself..what a shame, yes? shame on me..It is my goal to have a beautiful garden next year, I have a master plan, now if I can just accomplish that! Thank you for yet more motivation, and inspiration dear friend. Have a wonderful week. xoxox Christel

  7. You've been at my blog a few times, so you know I've been a planting fool this Spring. However, I recently planted some Lavender seeds that I'm waiting to sprout and had contemplated Rosemary and Thyme; but I must say, after reading this wonderful post; I'm adding them to my list! Happy Monday to you sweet Jo! ~Hugs, xoxo

  8. everything is as beautiful as ever!
    now i can imagine the lovely
    fragrances, tooA!

    i love thyme, lavender, and
    rosemary. i keep thyme in
    little paths and love the scent
    as i pass by.

  9. What a wonderful post! I love the amazing smell of flowers and herbs in the evening air. Beautiful!

  10. What a lovely post- I love all your flowers...and we are still awaiting Spring flowers here- Blessings- xo Diana

  11. How lovely your summer garden is Jo.
    I like to grow herbs.. but a lot die with the summer heat. Its very very hot here in the Alentejo.
    I have rosemary, and the, and basil, bay leaf. I just dont seem to get time to do it all.
    Your roses and Gardenias are spectacular.
    I am off out to the garden now.. am working all day there.
    happy Thursday

  12. Wow, I'm impressed. I can't believe you can grow these so well here in AZ. Living here has been my excuse as to why I can't have beautiful flowers. Now I have none! I'm put to shame. The truth is that I just have a brown thumb. I love your garden!!! So beautiful I can only imagine how lovely it smells. Sometime we will get together and you can tell me how to grow these lovely plants, where they have to be situated, etc. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great day!

  13. How gorgeous and wonderful and beautiful and all that. Everything here is dusty and wilting from the heat. :/ Have a great rest of the week. Tammy


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