Monday, May 28, 2012

FINISHING FIRST.........................

Do you often leave things undone?  I know I have.  For most of my life I had a hard time finishing projects.  I don't know if it was because I had to have it perfect or if I was just procrastinating or if I had a slight case of ADD.  Probably the latter if I had to guess.  Anyway....when I reached my late 40's  and early 50's I made a pact with myself to not leave one unfinished project after another.

One way I managed to do this was by NOT starting a project unless I was absolutely passionate about doing it.  I find I have many interests and my thoughts can often be blown about like the wind...but if I commit to finishing just ONE THING I AM PASSIONATE makes it that much easier to finish the other projects I want to tackle.

Do any of you have ideas about keeping yourself on track and finishing......unfinished projects?  Please let us know here.



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  1. Projects??? My project for today is to get the laundry done. LOL

  2. Hi Jo,
    I too have many interests, and I often have several projects going at once, but I try not to start another project in the same genre until the last one is finished. When I am bored, I will take out one of those old projects that I didn't like enough to finish, and rethink it, challenging myself to make it better, and I generally get excited about it and when it is done it pleases me.
    Have a good day,

  3. If anyone can send you any tips
    on this I will gladly follow them
    as I'm a devil for leaving things unfinished!

    I often put things on the back burner
    and then forget about them!

    Hope your week is good


  4. Oh my, sounds so much like me. I've done this almost my entire life. In July I am scheduled to begin a course in the Kaballah. I can't tell you how many times I have started and dropped out. This time I plan on doing it.

  5. Now in my 60's.. I can tell you, that before I start anything..i will be sure to try and finish it, I find it hard..there are so many new things one one's to do and then the garden and reading. I am busier now, than i have ever been.
    I have a few projects to finish, before i start the next.
    Happy tuesday

  6. I thought having lots of unfinished projects was normal LOL. There are just so many things I want to do and not enough time in the day.

    Hope you are having a good day Jo.


  7. I just had a discussion with a new friend from the neighborhood who has so many projects she wants to do that none of them get done because she feels overwhelmed all the time. I told her its because she needs to finish one entirely before starting the next. Absolute. It is how I do it, otherwise I'd feel angry with myself with so many things undone for any amount of time. So I finish what I start, smile, then start another.

  8. When I was pregnant with my first son I knitted two sleeves for a cardigan, second son I knitted the back for it and third son I knitted the front. Perhaps I should sew it together for my first grandchild!!!!

  9. I have a hard time starting projects, not so much finishing them. Like you, I am a perfectionist and worry too much how things will turn out! But once I start something, I keep at it!


  10. I totally think the KEY WORD here is ...what are you passionate enough about to WANT to finish.
    sometimes it is just a "list"
    certainly not a passion

  11. Jo, my jaw dropped as
    I read this as it describes
    ME to a T! I agree with Wendy's
    comment that the key word is,
    indeed, PASSION. Time is such
    a precious commodity that a
    project that I CHOOSE {unlike
    those that must be done that
    I DON"T choose; cleaning out
    the storage room, ironing, etc}
    has to capture my heart or I will
    not see it to fruition. I read all
    the comments with interest ~
    what a great topic, sweet friend!

    xo Suzanne

  12. ...what a conversation piece! ~ tip of the moment: just keep doing what it is that drives the creative spirit to do! ~ it will all come together in the end! ~ it's when rules start coming into the fore ~ that things become unstuck!... doing it with passion or no ~ creative muse has her moments ~ and it's in the spur of the moment that passion comes ~ usually totally out of the blue ~ like a thunder bolt ~ and we have to be ready to either follow that inspired moment ~ or, leave it for another thunder bolt to come at a later date!... ...blessed be dear kindred sister!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...


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