Thursday, May 31, 2012


I actually strongly believe in know the old American saying "what goes around....comes around."  Unfortunately, even though I strongly believe in this concept...often I fail in controlling my actions in a positive way.  Fear shown as anger is my well as anger shown as an uncontrolled reaction.  I've know this about myself forever and to this day am still working on this part of my behavior.  Not proud of it...but it just is....perhaps before I meet my Maker.... I will get this figured out......I hope so.

What is your concept of Karma and what is your behavior that stands in your way of right thought and right action?

Just curious.

from me to you,


  1. oh dear... I am a very reactive person.. not proud of it...but def something I need to work on...
    I'll let you know how it goes....hmmmm

  2. I believe that for every action there is a reaction. But it is up to me to control the reaction. The hardest thing for me is to channel love when beset with anger. Have a peaceful day.

  3. I've always believed that 'what goes around comes around', maybe not in this lifetime, but it will catch up to you in the end.

  4. Treat others like you would want them to treat you. I truly believe if you are kind to someone you will be treated kindly by, if not that person, someone else! I don't always respond to someone's meanness with kindness....sigh.

  5. I think that most people have some problems or brokenness so I tend to be kind. A receptionist told me on Tuesday thank you for being so nice and for not blaming her for something beyond her control. I was glad she appreciated me!

  6. I am very reactionary...I am trying to learn to slow down a very hard for me...especially when people treat me badly when I have done nothing wrong...I tend to want karma to act more like revenge but I know that is not good for me to think that way....

    Very good post...lots of food for thought..
    Love that Wayne Dyer quote...:) I am going to steal it from you...:)


  7. I have a tendency to become very ferocious when someone is not treating others I know with respect. I can handle however they treat me - but don't mess with a friend or family or an old person or an animal or a child. And a lot of times it's really not my place but I'm right in there.

  8. Yes, I do believe Atmosphere and Actions have a strong impact on Destiny and our Path, so I too strongly believe in Karma... you get back what you put out and expect. The biggest obstacle can often be other people for me. I have an unfortunate tendancy to allow the behavior and emotions of others to influence my day... when it absolutely shouldn't. Because in my head and Heart I know that I can only "allow" their attitude and actions to interfere with the Atmosphere and Actions I prefer... and certainly I have a choice to not engage or allow bad Karma of others to negate the good Karma I want to surround myself with. Thought provoking Post... I am trying not to let drama or the toxic energy of others to pollute my atmosphere and get a reaction out of me that is not positive.

    Blessings and Good Karma coming at you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Hi,
    I love the photographs on your sidebar, your blog is lovely. I too believe in Karma, God's divine justice and you reap what you sew. It's hard sometimes not to fight back when you have injured. But sure enough if you wait it out you will learn that God was watching and divine justice was had. I think believing in Karma helps you to stay mindful.

    Lovely to meet you.



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