Sunday, May 27, 2012

THE GARDEN OF EDEN.........................

Many, many years ago I purchased this painted floor cloth......I think all of you remember when they were all the rage.

At that time I decided to turn it into a work of it was much too beautiful to put on the floor and it would be destroyed if I did so.  Each time I look at still gives me the same thrill as the first day it came to us....and I am so glad I decided to use it as I did.

You really can make anything into a piece of art.....if it thrills you to the core....and you spend just a little time thinking about how you can use the piece....the solution will come to you and the piece will become one of your most prized treasurers.

I know this one has become one of ours.
On this Memorial Day....please remember....


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  1. What a beautiful floor cloth. I wouldn't have used it on the floor either!~Ames

  2. Jo- I don't think I ever saw floor cloths like this...but I will say that is it beautiful and I would not have wanted to walk on it either. It makes a gorgeous piece of art, doesn't it?

    I hope you had a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  3. Floor cloths?? Not surprised that once again something like that passed me by. It is beautiful though. Hugs.

  4. So colourful, lush and exotic! No wonder you love it!

  5. Beautiful colors.....I can totally see that you would want to turn this into a piece of art!!!

  6. A really nice garden of eden mat.. i remember when they were the rage.. yours is really nice JO.
    We dont have memorial day here in Portugal..but i know it was a big day for you there.
    Happy tuesday Jo
    thank you


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