Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PINK ELEPHANTS AND MORE...................

I am absolutely in love with all the Moroccan and Indian influences we are seeing in decorating as of late.  Since it was 108 degrees in Phoenix yesterday....I think that anyone living HERE would feel right at home with the current trend.  Since trends are short lived....I really don't spend any money changing out my decor....but I will alter some of my existing things to make them feel a little more like we are in Marrakesh (sp?)......besides anyone who knows me knows of my fondness for color and accessories.

Got out the spray paint and painted an old, old elephant plant stand that used to be an off white color.....sewed a bead square on a existing pillow........brought another pillow from another room and put it with a wonderful Indian quilt that I found while traveling.....

Used my hot glue gun and glued on an old cross to a seltzer bottle.....don't know if that has an Indian feel....but I liked the look...

Wrapped an iron lantern with great lines in lace to give it a soft diffused light....and I like how it is so unstructured.....

and last but not least hung an old gate I purchased at a flea market in Montana a few years ago......

I have a very large window in my home and it needed a little something.....the gate is distressed the softest of blue color and it reminds me that I have a gate to my wonderful world and my gardens......

Didn't spend a dime on any of these things....simply used them in a new way....
You know my motto:  "Use it up....wear it out....make it do.....or do without."   Besides it was to darn hot to do ANYTHING I fiddled around inside.

Have a wonderful day,



  1. Isnt it just fun to use what we have, and change around. You have achieved a very cool morroccan look.. love your ideas.
    I have a friend, who recently hung a birdcage in her window and put ivy hanging from it.. it really lookes cool.
    enjoy it all Jo.
    best wishes

  2. 108 degrees. Yikes!!!! You are so very talented, Jo. I love that bottle. You have given me an idea.

  3. What fantastic ideas...I love that lantern with the draped fabric...I am going to try that one !!! Love the elephant table too...Great color!! Love your motto Jo...


  4. Great redoes! And your elephant table looks like it just was unloaded from the boat. I bet Montana is calling your name loud and clear now the it is warming up here.

  5. Oh, I love what you did! I believe in using what you have in new ways, too. So many ideas. I do love the richness of the Indian or Bohemian looks. I need some more colour in my life, I think!

  6. 108 degrees...holy moly. That's hot. I don't think we were much above the mid 40's today. YUP...stinking chilly here today and for the rest of the week we'll only be up to the LOW 60's. I looooong for some heat...but not 108.
    You did some amazing stuff with your re-dos. You are very ceative and I love your sense of "fun" in your style.

  7. Jo-What good ideas. I love the lantern and the draped fabric. You are VERY good with a glue gun, too! Hope you have a great day-xo Diana

  8. I love all of your creative ideas. Very inspiring and we share the same motto! Yay!!

  9. Sweet Jo, you are a woman after my own heart here! I swear we are connected on some metaphysical level or something...LOVE the seltzer bottle...absolutely awesome accent! And the lantern and the window treatment and the'll just live vicariously though you my dear! Big hugs, xoxo

  10. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I enjoyed yours very much. I love what you have done here. I also love the photos of the flowers.Very inspiring.. I may do a painting of some flowers someday..
    Thanks again for stopping by.


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