Wednesday, May 9, 2012

THE SOUL OF A DOG............................

Our Miss Sophie

Those of you who follow me know we have just adopted a new puppy......Skyler.
He's a little male Cavalier with the same color markings as our beautiful girl above.
Sophie will soon be 10 years she is getting up in years for her breed.  She also has some health issues which have been addressed with surgery...but her ability to romp and run around is no longer there.

So you can only imagine how it is with this little guy's appearance in our home....

He is now 4 months old and full of it as only a puppy can be.  He chews, barks, digs, rolls over endlessly and runs around like a crazy man while playing during his day.  He so much wants to play with our older girl...but is not to be.  So like the bright girl she is Sophie has devised her own method of playing.  She simply stands still wagging her tail and barking occasionally as he runs around her in circles barking and jumping back and forth to is such fun to watch both of them interacting.

Our sweet Sophie is an "old soul" I'm sure....she is so patient with this new pup it never ceases to amaze us.  While I'm pretty sure this new pup is a "new soul" as it does appear he is full of spunk and has very little  wisdom as far as I can tell.  He devours bunny "poop" by the shovel full and endlessly chews on ANYTHING HE CAN PUT IN HIS MOUTH.  I know this is typical puppy...but you must understand...Sophie did NONE OF THIS.....she didn't even bark until she was 4 years old....and we were so shocked when she did.. we couldn't believe it.

Everyday is a new and wonderful day with these is a book I'm reading...just found it in my library....I've probably had it forever...but just came across appropriate for this time.




  1. Thanks, it's a lovely post.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, and thank you for becoming a follower...thought I'd stop by and return the favor.

    Sophie is beautiful and smart! I love the way she's figured out how to interact with cute Skyler without tiring herself out. I wonder if she thinks when watching Skyler bound around with endless energy, like I do when watching children run around, "Oh, if only I had one quarter of that energy..."

    Blessings, Victoria from Brushstrokes

  3. You'll have to share some of your insights from this book.
    You will get so much joy from these 2 pups.
    They are very very cute.
    Our 65 lb standard poodle turns 2 this month. Your puppies could fit in her pocket (tee,hee)

  4. Oh sweet Sophie, I'm so happy you've figured out how to play with your new little bro. You two are so darn cute!!!

  5. oh I love animals but especially when people speak lovingly about them and tell little captures my heart every time. I literally can picture Sophie standing there and barking looking at the little pup and wagging her tale, telling him in her way, she cannot move too much but she's "there" to play. ai! And stop with the books already :D I just received "Cultivating Delight" and have yet to sit and read....I want to catch up. I never heard of Diane Ackerman and she is blowing my mind....also never knew there were novels on gardening...duh....I swing both ways....brilliant to daft. :D When are you heading north? How's your wagon?....LOL....

  6. Jo, this is such a lovely post.
    Miss sophie looks very happy and charming .. I love these dogs.
    I would have lots of dogs if I could.. but my 4 are enough.. i also have their mum and grandma that comes and goes between the upper farm and my place.
    Your little fellow looks adorable. what is his name! maybe i missed that.!
    The difference between Sophie not going wild at that age is that she is a little girl! he is a little boy!
    happy days with them both
    kind regards

  7. Sweet Sophie, how could ya resist those beautiful eyes???

    Your gonna have fun with your two pups there girl.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend...enjoy that book too!!! :o)

  8. Yay JO..I love both your sweet pups..congrats on this new one..i have a new pup is quite fun with lots of puppy adventures!! Beautiful post..hugs to the pups!

  9. I'm reading a dog book, too. The Dog Who Couldn't Stop Loving. My Sadie is almost 14 and is also in fragile health. We love our dogs so much and it hurts to see them get old, knowing we are going to have to say goodbye. How wonderful that you have a puppy to add joy to your life along with Sophie!

  10. Awe Jo, you have the pups I've always wanted! I can totally relate with you on Sophie and not barking. Gracie has only barked a total of 3 times in the year and half of her life and all three times it totally surprised me. I'm glad she is not the traditional "yippie" dog; however, it would be cool if she'd bark when she wants to go outside. I know Skyler is so lucky to have a home with you and Sophie will continue to be the sweetness that she is in spite of her age and health issues. Big hugs to you~xoxo

  11. I knew when I met Sophie, she was a gentle old soul. It's in her eyes. Skyer will become an old soul one day and like Miss Sophie, will have the gentleness that comes with being loved. Enjoy all the fun he has to share and all the memories he and Sophie will be making. Can't wait to meet him:)

  12. What a wonderful story, I love how she has found her own way to interact with the puppy and I love her patience. She is an inspiration to me.

  13. Aww both dogs are beautiful. I have a 2 1/2 year old tri-color cavie named Callie and my daughter's name is Skylar! Callie is as rotten as she is beautiful , such a loving little dog but boy is she onery! Enjoyr your littlw bundle of energy!


  14. Oh, your sweet little pups are so beautiful! Sounds like Sophie welcomes the new little bundle of energy! I miss having dogs - my work schedule is too hectic. Enjoy!


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