I am almost ashamed to admit...I have never eaten a PEEP.  In fact...I didn't even know they existed until a few years ago when my husband's sister made such a big deal about letting them sit out until they got hard....because they were better that way.  LOL .... WHO KNEW??

I also cannot believe they come in so many can find a PEEP to match your great is that!!

Gads....when I was a kid I was lucky if we got dyed Easter Eggs....and I never got Easter candy.  I obviously need to make up for lost time.... (O: (O:

PEEPS don't really ring my bell...but See's Candy does.  I'll let you know how I do once I get my pound of dark chocolate covered almond still my heart!! can find the wonderful PEEP artist here.

She also paints some other AMAZING THINGS....I THINK YOU WILL ENJOY HER.




  1. Never heard of peeps either i must lead a sheltered life!! lol!
    You never got Easter candy JO? Well i say you must indulge yourself now!!!

    Pamela ox

  2. I only like hard peeps. Yum! When we were kids my sister and I always got to color eggs and we each received a chocolate rabbit with a sweet bow, hers usually blue and mine usually pink because I was always the girly one. I hope you get a huge box of See's candy this year!

  3. Peeps have always been an Easter candy tradition with our family. I haven't tried hard ones though. They never live long enough at my house to get stale. I do enjoy See's candy too. You really can't beat good chocolate.

  4. I don't crave peeps but they are kind a cute. For chocolate I like Dove dark chocolate squares. I have read in Prevention Magazine that eating Dove dark chocolate has some health benefits, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL

  5. I like the ocassional peep but it's those dark chocolate peanut clusters from See's that ring MY bell too. I checked out Oriana's site. I would not have guessed any of her works were oils. Amazing technique and detail (not to mention some amusing subject matter).

  6. Peeps are great toasted like marshmallows over a fire (or grill). Don't try to microwave, tho!

  7. I am with you on the yes to See's Candy and no to peeps.


  8. Hi Jo... Easter would not be Easter at our house without peeps!... I have had them ever since I was a little girl and I still love them!... your friend is right... they are better after being left out to get hard... Yum!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. I LOVE Peeps! Going to check out the website : )

  10. Peep! I've always seen them, however, with all the hub-bub this year I picked up a 3-pak of yellow with chocolate base and one chocolate covered peep.
    I've chomped the head off one peep - - not a peep fanatic ! !
    Here in mid-MO Russell Stove chocolates are favored . . . . . well, my way of thinking
    SEE'S CHOCOLATES are the ONE AND ONLY ! ! ! !
    I need a mercy package of See's from California.

  11. I know, i was thinking the same thing...i saw peeps the other day in lime green!!! i don't do peeps either - i love the reeses eggs!

  12. I've never eaten a Peep either. I'd love to try one but they come in such big packages, I don't want to buy them. Maybe someday they'll sell individual ones. But eating a Peep would probably send me into a sugar coma anyway.

  13. Those are SO cute.

    Peeps are the kind of thing that sneak up on you. You eat one, and then you eat the whole box! It's an acquired taste of sorts. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  14. Boy I haven't had peeps in a long time! I too, like them left out for a few days when they get hard...much better that way. LOL

  15. Hi Jo, Thank you for stopping by my blog. The side table I got at Goodwill. It just needs a fresh coat of paint. I do like peeps but your right See's candy would be much better.

  16. We always had peeps in our Easter baskets. I love them after they've been sitting out, and get a little hard. I can eat a whole box without a problem. Love my peeps! But, I will only eat them at Easter.

    I even got to go on the Peeps Bus when it visited a local grocery store about 6 years ago. Seriously. There is a Peeps Bus that travels around the country. Amazing :)

  17. I never ate a Peep either. Have no wish to. I love sweets. But these look kind-of tooooo sugary sweet. Kind of like cotton candy 'strikes' me.

    Gentle hugs,

  18. Hmmm, guess I wasn't the only one without Easter candy....And I don't like peeps, too sugary. But I'll like the painted ones. Going to see...OH, going to look. See is the good candy:) Enjoy being a kid again!

  19. Hi! I came over from Galen's last post - and loved the photographs down the side and was enjoying them and then came to PEEPs.

    I have one child who loves PEEPs - she is a school Librarian and lives near Galen! I just had to comment.

    I love dark chocolate SEES myself - especially nougat - awesome bars...and my mum was a scotch mallow fan.

    Loved this post and went to check out your link to a PEEPS artist.

    I liked your Venice painting on the home page too...nice spot you have here :)


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