MENDING SOUL HOLES..........................

During this special time of year to Christians and several other religions I often find myself reflecting on GRACE.

GRACE means different things to everyone.
What does it mean to you dear friends?

I would like to tell you what GRACE means to me.

Grace comes from the Latin word "gratia" which means "favor".  Taking that a step further specifically....God's favor.
That's it....a free and ready favor given by God to us simply because he is God.
God sees the good, bad and the ugly and love's us anyway.  He wants us to return to that state of innocence and wonder we had as a very small child and to truly see the wonders of the world we have been given.

That does not mean a life without sorrow and me that means taking life in stride being able to say "what" and accepting the path God has chosen for you.  Often....that is not the path you would want...but it is the path God wants for you.  He is the big picture guy.....we are simply looking through the keyhole.

It has taken me a lifetime to be able to reach this thought process...and often I stray...but when the drama is over and the dust settles...I know that I have been given the FAVOR OF GRACE and it is always there for the taking.

Have a wonderful Easter sweet friends,



  1. Beautiful post Jo... wishing you and your family a blessed Easter... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. This is such a lovely post. I've read it over twice already. Thank you for sharing this today.

  3. Beautiful!!

    Happy Easter Jo!

    Pamela xo

  4. The blog is very good!

  5. ...gratia means for me to receive serenity and to see my family happy.
    But I have asked God so many time..and He is very busy to help all,so I wait our moment.
    Happy Easter.

  6. The wisdom of age and experience! Have a lovely Easter!

  7. The word "grace" was spoiled for me, by my upbringing... In a christian religion which drilled into you, that you HAD BETTER BE IN "the state of grace," or you would go to HELL, upon death.


    Had a way........

    Of making the word "grace," have a bitter taste in my mouth.

    Even after spending years, throwing off the yoke of that religion.

    With wishes for you to enjoy family/friends on this spring-time weekend!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  8. Your reflections on grace are like a warm embrace from God. And I appreciate the education about the origin of the word as well. Thank you!

  9. Hi My wonderful friend Jo..this is absolutely beautiful and super inspiring..(just like you!) Powerful words and very heart-touching..hugs...thanks for sharing yoru wisdom and beauty always! !

  10. I love how you have described Grace...lovely and thoughtful. May you be touched by Grace this Easter season...

  11. Jo what wise and thoughtful words you've chosen to share with us. l love the part about God being the big picture guy and us just looking through the keyhole, it's certainly how l try and look at things. You're floral photography is gorgeous too!!!Thanks for sharing. Bron.

  12. Lovely and true!

    You have to wonder how the Easter Bunny and candy came into the picture!

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    Have a Blessed Easter!

    Come On Home

  13. No matter what one's thoughts are on religion...

    There's a power much stronger than we know. And we're not in charge....

    What I know for certain is that no one leaves here without paying their dues. And saying that, I believe grace will follow.

    Have a peaceful Easter Jo, you've earned it...

  14. What a beautiful post, my sweet friend. Wishing you and yours a happy Easter and life after full of grace.

  15. This is so, so lovely.
    I hope that your Easter
    was full of grace, Jo!
    Ours was the kind of day
    that you didn't want to
    see end and YES, I'd say
    there was most definitely
    GRACE in that : )
    xx Suzanne


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