SUPPORTING WOMEN ARTISTS...........................

I try to support women artists when possible.  I can only imagine how difficult it is to make a living selling your art.  

With the internet it probably has gotten a little easier for your work to be seen...but there are so many creative, wonderful artists out there....that the competition is incredible.

This is an artist I love and support....Maria Pace Wynters.  She is an artist out of Canada and I fell in love with her colors and her creativity.

I own two of her pieces...on is larger than the other...but I enjoy both of them.

I have always loved putting contemporary pieces in ornate frames.  This piece was a little to big for the simply attached it to the a shadow box in reverse.  

She always picks a wonderful name for each piece...and I simply love the dream like quality she portrays.  By the way...someone told me if you own three pieces of one are a collector....who knew?? LOL

Please stop by to see her will find her here

Have a wonderful weekend sweet ladies.




  1. I will be sure and pop over to see her work. It's funny that you should be showcasing a woman artist today as I am, too. And old friend of mine I've known for over twenty years. She does primitive/folk pieces that are lots of fun. A riot of color!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Those pieces are beautiful! Art is such a personal thing and it's wonderful when you find a piece that just seems to speak to your heart.


  3. I love them. I've always loved art in many forms. Unfortunately, I can't draw a straight line. Maybe in my next life. :)

  4. If it's good this artist, you must be very happy with two of his works. Greetings

  5. Jo, thanks for introducing Maria to me. I will have a peek at her work. Nice combination...modern meets antique.

  6. Love the colors...
    And the talent.
    And that you're a collector:)
    Now I'll go see for myself...

  7. I will surely go check out her other works. These are wonderful. Thanks.

  8. Her work is gorgeous, thank you for letting us know about her.

  9. Dear Jo, thanks for stopping by, since you're already in Scottsdale then my Friend's Shop is right in your neighborhood! Long way for me but it was well worth the trip, they've done an amazing job and that's such a fun location to Shop.

    I too love supporting other Artists whose work I admire or am inspired by. This Artist's work is so dreamy, love the vivid colors she uses... I've always been drawn to exotic, bold colors even though I do appreciate a monochromatic theme, I just can never KEEP mine that way when decorating! *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. HI Jo
    I love the colours in this piece,.. a celebration of summer... and I love that frame too.. fabulous!!

    Thanks for popping by to visit.. I hope you have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  11. That art is very cool, and I love them in the vintage frames.
    My mom was a beautiful painter, artist.
    me.....didn't get any of that DNA gene

  12. I love visiting your colorful blog. I have more than three paintings by my very talented sister, so I guess I'm a collector!

  13. GOOD MORNING PRECIOUS JO!!!!! Oh my, how lovely these are! And I like what you did to the canvas that was too large...there is always a creative solution!

    Your birthday wishes mean a lot to me! HAPPY DAY!!Anita

  14. Thank you so much for introducing me to such a vibrant talent. I love her art.

  15. Hello honey
    So glad you had a wonderful trip! I love these beautiful pieces you are sharing with us today. I will of course check her site out.
    You are just so creative and can think of ways to decorate that I never would think of. I like that you knew how to fix this picture where the canvas was to big for the frame. It turned out beautiful.
    I love hearing from you and I appreciate your get well wishes. I know everyone is tired of my whining. Hopefully this will end soon.
    Love ya

  16. One reason I love blogging is because of all the womens artists. I actually prefer the creativity to womans art...!


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