HAD TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!!!!.............

Is this not the cleverest????

Received this little WRITTEN NOTE in the mail today....from my dearest friend.

We will be traveling with this couple in the fall..they have been  our cruise mates on many an outing.
THIS particular friend is extremely talented and clever....she always thinks a little outside the box....which OF COURSE I love.....and I also love it that she took the time to actually WRITE A NOTE....instead of texting or sending me an e-mail....Ah...maybe the OLD TIMES ARE STILL IN EXISTENCE FOR QUITE A FEW OF US.  HOORAY FOR THAT!!!!!

Have a smiley day,



  1. Don't you just love snail mail? What a fascinating note!!! I never would have thought of writing in a circle.

  2. I know Mary....neither would I. That is why I had to put this out there in the Universe. LOL


  3. I love getting cards and letters in the mail!! And this is such a cute note, done with a lot of love!


  4. I would be so delighted to get real mail again! And you are so blessed to have A creative friend to send you a real letter!
    I am sure you will have a great trip with her.

  5. That is so unique!

    I have started sending cards to people now & then.

    It is nice to get something in "snail mail" now & then.

    I found you through "10 Steps to finding your happy place" blog.

    I would love for you to check out The Blogging Buddies

    We have grown so large that I started a social networking site today!

    Come on home - mom blog
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  6. I wish more people sent thank you notes and letters through the mail--it is always a special day when we get greetings that way.

  7. Very clever, indeed. What a nice thing to send you. I love it!


    SHEIL ;-0

  8. I just had a typing meltdown. It's late, and I'm tired. LOL!

    Here's the way it should have looked...


    Sheila :-)

  9. What a wonderful note! I have a friend who I exchange actual letters with. It's such a lovely, lost art form.

    Very nice to 'meet' you too - thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. VERY CUTE.....how nice of her, shows how much she cares.
    Hope you have a great time in the Fall when you go on your cruise.


  11. Looks like a sacred spiral of love to me!

  12. Any written notes we receive now days, we should keep for posterity. They will probably be valuable treasures, worth money, in the not too distant future. What with the scarcity of hand written missives, these days.

  13. Regular mail, gosh!, I was unaware it still existed! :) I'm joking. It has been quite some time since I received personal letters or cards. Christmas cards, but that's it!

    Wonderful gift, the note, and wonderful share!

    Thanks for the follow!

    Your blog is awesome! Gorgeous photos and we do have some of the same interests!


  14. This is just adorable! How clever is that.


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