O.K.........HERE'S A LITTLE PEEK......................

I've just started this piece....just thought I would give you a little peek.

Have quite a ways to go....But I think I'm loving those eyes.

I'll keep you updated.

till then....

Sweet hugs everyone,



  1. You are such a talented artist Jo... I love that pretty butterfly!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Jo honey I can not wait to see the end results. I am loving this piece already. My weakness for art is faces. Love faces and this is going to be a great piece. You so gifted and so glad you are taking the time to be creative and taking better care of you.
    How is the weight loss coming along? Tell me your secrets because since my fall I have put it on and makes me very unhappy.
    Love ya

  3. You are an awesome artist...I am really looking forward to seeing the completed painting!


  4. You are so talented Jo!! Cant wait to see it finished! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  5. She's peeking back at us peeking at her! Thanks Jo for the peekview.

  6. Sneak peek at those eyes...how clever is that. I am liking those eyes too and can't wait to see the finished product. Hugs

  7. The eyes are beautiful.... and haunting. I adore the butterflies too. You really captured how ethereal they are.

    I won't be around for a little bit, (working on a little project of my own!) but I will be back.

    Peace and Blessings, dear Jo.

    XOXO M.

  8. Your art is lovely...those eyes really "SPEAK" . Now we need to ponder what the thoughts are behind the eyes.

    I hear ya on the weight gain thing. My and hubby are retired too. When I married him Oct/10....and moved from the city where I worked as a clerk for a Judge downtown.....to the COUNTRY.....I did a lot of emotional eating (making the adjustments) and NOW
    gained 20 lbs. I am so angry with myself.

  9. My goodness you are so talented - I had no idea. Those eyes are amazing. sandie

  10. Really! Never knew you painted such awesomeness Jo...I'll keep watching..er, peeking :)

  11. This looks very interesting already - i love to see how other artists start their work, so, thanks for sharing. And have fun finishing it!

  12. Ohhhhh, haunting eyes. That's what I say. Haunting. For now anyway. :-)

  13. From what I am seeing already, that piece is going to be great!

  14. What an interesting piece! Those eyes already have dreams trapped in them.


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