Wednesday, February 23, 2011

O.K........ITS TIME TO COME CLEAN................

All of you might be wondering what I've been doing on my little vacation and time off.

Well....I could be having an afternoon tea break everyday.

Accompanied by this little tasty delight every afternoon.

Being taken out to dine in this exquisite spot each evening.

Returning to this little gem of a suite every night.

Oh....but before retiring one must brush one's teeth and of course that happened in this amazing surrounding...

And after a restful nights sleep....I would awaken to walk among these beauties......

Well.....not beautiful soul mate and I have embarked on a little adventure together.

YEP....YOU GUESSED IT loosing a little weight.  We have been retired since 1995 and have managed to get a little FLUFFY during this period.  I mean.....what do you do when you are retired.....GO OUT TO EAT AND TRAVEL...  We have done plenty of now it is time to pay the piper...

I'm down 5.2 lbs and he's down l2.4 lbs.

I cannot tell you how happy this is making me....WE ARE going to get healthier.



Photos courtesy Tumbler


  1. Hi Jo, You are too funny! I want to stay in your first world. Where the tea, cupcake, and bathroom are to die for.

    WoW! What wonderful pictures for my mind to escape into.

    Thank you for the trip.

    And congratulations on your success!


  2. Good for you, Jo! It is always easier to lose weight when you have someone else along for the journey.

    I love all of the pictures. Oh, to be surrounded by such beauty all the time would be a blessing for the soul.

  3. I have seen ads for this weight loss program. How do you like it? I wish you much luck...I know it's hard work.


  4. Good for the two of you! Thank you for visiting my blog & for you nice comment on my Floral Fantasy ACEO!

  5. Wishing you both success sweet Jo...I am working on getting rid of some fluff myself. Good to hear from you. Hugs and keep up the good work!

  6. Congrats on the weight loss. I need to get myself in gear. Talk about a little fluff...I've put on 60 pounds since I stopped smoking...and feel absolutely miserable...back and knees hurt, short of breath. It's time to get going on this.

  7. I take it, you really are on Medifast.

    Look forward to your views on this.

    And .... The always-question... What will you do when you have to go off this plan? As in, the rest of your life. To me, that's always the first thing to come to mind.

    Oh those men and how they can lose weight so much quicker than we gals can. ,-)

  8. Hi Jo, so good of you! Stay in the zone!

  9. Way to go Jo! (and hubby too) I wish I could find the discipline to lose a few. Not easy when you can't move much and especially not when it's below zero!

    I did love all of the pictures that you teased us with at the beginning. I felt like I could have melted right into that bed.

    Best of luck, dear friend. Keep up the great work!

    XOXO M.

  10. Good for you Jo! Tea and afternoon delights are more fun but you'll feel so much better when it's done!

  11. Good luck Jo... please just be sure that diet is healthy! I worry about alot of them... you need to EAT!... Me, I'll take the tea and the goodies!... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. JO!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! It is always good to stay fit, so one can go and TRAVEL MORE AND WALK!!! How lovely of you to come over. GRAY? I love the color that is coming in on my temples; I plan to keep it that way and celebrate my wisdom!!!!! Enjoy every step of your journey dearest, Anita

  13. Way to go Jo!! Keep going...I've been thinking of doing the same...I said, thinking!
    xo J~

  14. Oh, those pictures transported me for a sweet few minutes.

    Congratulations on the weight loss! I know it is a difficult journey that takes a lot of patience.

  15. Yay Congrats JO..glad you are feeling sparkly!! Gorgeous post of photos..woah!! Shine on Jo!

  16. Ah Ha! So that's what you have been up to Jo..
    Congratulations! More exercise would do me some good also.. Your photos are just beautiful!!!!
    Blessings my friend

  17. Good luck to you and hubby!

    I'll take the dinner out at that restaurant and the cupcake.


  18. That is great! I'd like to learn more about the diet, so I'm off to Google it. Sounds like it works : )

  19. Wow Jo that is awesome... I am almost finished my cleanse and I have lost 9!

  20. Well, if I could retire and travel....
    Oh but I'm proud of you both:)
    Just make sure to be happy with and love yourself no matter..that's what counts. Keep us posted.


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