Friday, February 4, 2011


I hate to iron!!!   Oh I know..some of you out there like to do it..and that is as it should be; but I don't.

My soul mate and I have had many a discussion about my ironing abilities..or lack thereof.

Maybe if I had a know..someone to hold the little pick me up bottle of something to hand to me for an occasional break.

Or maybe in this little spot...with soft filtered light...and ROSES.

I know my lovely soul mate is waiting for the day when he will come in and find this waiting for him.

I did agree to iron his golf shorts once..he thinks he is the only one who looks "fluffy" on the course.  To which I replied...."I'll iron the fronts only..they never look at the back."  And soon as he sits down in the car to drive to the course...they are wrinkled....even before he gets to the tee.
I do so love my husband dearly...but this is truly the man of my dreams!  lol ...... Just kidding sweet hubby.

You know in all honesty..I call "The Ironing Lady"...her motto is the title of my post....and I love her for that!
How do you feel about ironing?

Have a happy weekend sweet friends,


Photos: Flikr
    Second photo : Edgar Degas


  1. I hate ironing myself. Gosh, when I was a young wife, I was still into this June Cleaver type stuff and even ironed hankies and pillow cases. Those days are long gone. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Love this picture!!

    I used to iron my husband's shirts for work and hated it. He finally started taking them to the cleaners and I was never so happy. He likes their work better, too!


  3. Hello Jo...yes, I am one of those women who actually loves to iron... it really does relax me... I also love the new look of your blog!... Your header is so pretty and I looked at each and every one of your sidebar pics... lovely!... I think your blog still honors your grandma as you want it to do, but it says "Jo"... simply gorgeous my friend!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Like you, I admire my grandma so much. But one thing I cannot relate to is her love of ironing. That lady ironed not only bedsheets, but socks! I hate ironing and I keep that in mind when I buy clothing. ("Wrinkle Free", I'm there!) I think part of my problem is that I have always owned cheap irons (because I hate to iron), so the results are never very satisfying.

    I have that Degas print! Thanks for reminding me; it has been in the back of a closet for years, but would look fabulous in my newly painted laundry room.

    Like the new look around here!

  5. I haven't ironed anything in years. I hang good clothes to drip dry. I put everything else in the dryer. Basically works okay. An occasional wrinkle doesn't bother me in the slightest!

  6. I'm nuts I love to iron and today I have some to do! I find it relaxing and I love love doing laundry. I just can't explain it. Since I was a little girl I loved to play house...pretend ironing, cooking...and of course decorating!
    I am blessed right now to have the most beautiful ironing room!!

    I love your new banner Jo!
    Pamela xo

  7. I have said for years," I do some of my best thinking when I am ironing, so why then do I resist ironing"? Enjoyed this post and yes, I do have some ironing waiting, I may just wear it fluffy and do more blog hopping.

  8. HI Jo...a fun spirited made me chuckle!My iron is broke/ no ironing happeneing lately! But I dont mind it! I find it very meditative!
    Have a happy wkd!

  9. Hi Jo,

    I hate to iron too! Thank goodness for Dry Cleaners! LOL

  10. Okay he can always iron for himself - right? sandie

  11. My guy would hate for me to iron his clothes.He likes to iron his own clothes his way. Thank Goodness !!

  12. I would much rather iron than wash dishes.

    Love the new look on your is beautiful! Hugs

  13. hello dear one, how are you? i see about change...and i smile...i see about me warmth and i smile...

    i see about me the grace of sweet soul and i feel your presence. i smile, feeling blessed that i could linger and say hello :)

  14. I don't like to iron, but I've done a lot of it. I don't like wrinkled clothes.

    Your new blog look is really spiffy. Take care and have a good weekend!

  15. I don't even own an iron. All clothes come out of the dryer immediately and are instantly tested. They either make the no-wrinkle cut or they are out of here.

  16. I hate ironing and so, do very, very little.

    The guy in the picture... That's my oldest son. He irons. Lucky wife, hu? :-)

    Mrs. Bradley >,-)


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