LOOK WHAT FINALLY BLOOMED......................

This is nothing spectacular today.....but my amaryllis finally bloomed.  I have never had one bloom so late in the year....and this particular one has NO LEAVES..and a stalk that is at least two feet long.  I have never had that happen either. It was so weird.

I'm messing around with my photo elements today on my Mac.  I don't have Adobe or Photo shop so I really don't know what I'm doing....but it is kind of fun anyway.
Sort of an antique look above.

We are having an Art show here in April up at our clubhouse....I might try to paint these....I like the opaqueness of the petals and the fact they are curled a little at the edges...That actually kind of DESCRIBES

Hugs sweet ladies and gents,



  1. Those are beautiful Jo!... would love to see your painting when you do it... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I truly think amaryllis are a "Gift from God"!!! Isn't it GORGEOUS!!! It's so amazing that something so grand comes from a single bulb. Yours is spectacular. Enjoy!!!
    Hugs to you, Donna

  3. Very pretty, Jo! Love your photos! And I would love to see your painting...go for it!


  4. Just gorgeous sweet Jo. Thank you for sharing them, I am so anxious to see blooms around here. Hugs

    If you paint them, please post photos, I would love to see them.
    Enjoy your weekend

  6. It's very pretty...a burst of loveliness on this gray February day. All of your photos are beautiful. Thank you.

  7. Better to bloom late than never. :o)
    I like your renditions and think you should paint them for your art show. A blooming flower brings a little spring into the day. Happy February Hearts...

  8. Those beautiful blooms were worth the wait!

  9. Good evening beautiful JO! It is so nice to come see you. Today has been a busy day here because we are finally moving into our two room addition! I have been juggling so many different things but I had to stop by to say hello and thank you for your kind comments! HAVE A LOVELY SUNDAY! Anita

  10. A burst of color in this winter gray and white is lovely!

    And I like the new look of the blog--very pretty.

  11. Beautiful! I just posted a picture of mine...it was a late bloomer too and it only grew about a foot tall..not tall and elegant as usual...Oh, well, it makes me long for spring!

  12. Oh I love Amaryllis and yours is gorgeous!

    Your blog is looking absolutely lovely.

  13. Your amaryllis is beautiful! Great photos and if you decide to paint, we would love to see it. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I love your new blog look.

  14. Very pretty..gorgeous photos...beautiful!


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