Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I think I do.......I hope  I do~~

No, not necessarily this kind of passion....although, this could be part of it.

I really hope I'm not "just whistling in the dark ~~ thinking I lead a full life" as Matthew Perry so aptly stated.

Real passion was not always a major part of my life when I was younger.  Sometimes, I would barely be able to hold on to it and other times it completely left the building. life's adversity, sorrow and pain would ebb and flow through my life; it seems I could always hold onto that tiny thread of passion that seemed to hide inside.

Passion~~just like any growth....always comes from the inside out....not the other way around.

Passion fuels creativity and  beauty ~~ or does creativity and beauty fuel passion?

I'm not sure I know the answer to that.....but one thing I am sure of is what my passion is.  My passion is CREATING BEAUTY wherever and whenever I matter what my station in life.

Dear friends ~~ what are you passionate about?



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  1. My life will be more passionate once I retire. Until then, a lot of my energy simply goes into working for The Man.

  2. And that you do my Loyal Follower. Beauty is all around you.
    Love your headboard and background just beautiful
    Love you too

  3. Hi Jo,
    Sorry I haven't been in touch lately, will come back to read the posts I have missed.
    Oh, and blogging is now one of my passions!

  4. Hello Jo,

    Thank you for stopping by!!!

    I wish you all the best!!! It's good to know that there are many of us trying to be healthier!!

    I'm passionate about creating :)

    Have a wonderful evening (and I so wish I was retired, LOL)


  5. Jo I loved this - great thoughts and very true. I am passionate about my family especially the grandsons! sandie

  6. I do try to live with passion. More than anything I try to be present in the moment and very grateful for all that each day holds. Age is a wonderful step in this direction for me. Your photos are wonderful with so much creativity. Happy February Hearts to you...

  7. Hi Sweet Jo!

    You always =come up with posts that make me think. I am passionate about so many things yet I think those things are the reasons I am passionate. Family first! After that, thousands of things!


  8. Hi Jo, right now I am passionate about my new baby Tess!... I entered Sophie in the drawing... if she wins she can get a toy or something other than treats!... thanks for your sweet comments and constant support! always create beauty in everything you do... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Hi Jo,

    Hmmm...Great question. I am passionate about my beliefs. Things I stand for or stand up for. The older I get the more I am passionate about them. *hugs*

  10. Oh yes! I'll take a cup of passion please : )

    I do live a life of passion. It fuels my creative life, and yes, I do think that beauty can open us up to our passion.

    I too love beauty, and I am moved to seek it out and to create it.

    Isn't life grand???
    I love it!
    Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  11. happy to see you at Farmhouse and thanks for the birthday wishes for my sweet Teddy....who i am passonate about....Teddy !!!!!

    happy to follow, my friend

    kary and teddy

  12. Very nice post sweet Jo. Since I have always been and still am passionate about doing what I can to help people feel better. I love giving people hugs even if some of them are via the internet. Hugs

  13. ´´Creating Beauty´´!!!Dear,dear Jo:-)*

    Mostly wonderful talent what man can recieve from the Heaven...and then...share it with a wholle World:-)))*
    You are absolutely fantastic talented woman,dearest Jo!

    Love to you,

  14. Found you through Tiffini's link-up. You have a beautiful blog! So creative :)

  15. You are a Master at creating beauty, sweet friend. A passion well lived.


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