Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm a little further along with this piece.  Still need to make a few little changes in the upper right hand corner of the hat and a little more to the background...but thought I would show you my progress.

I've chosen to name this piece THE WOMEN OF YESTERDAY.....even though it is fairly contemporary in style. I love period piece movies and have been watching quite a few lately.  What has struck me so vividly is how limited women of years past led their lives.  They had to be careful how they acted lest they be labeled insane. Often times they led lives filled with fear and despair. They couldn't speak their views when they pleased and were oftentimes mated with less than desirable mates who were both verbally and physically abusive. Although there does appear to be plenty of the above in the world of today.

I certainly don't paint for anyone but myself.....mainly to express my feelings
Thanks for letting me share this with you.....It was a fun piece to paint...and should be finished in the next day or so.

My wonderful grandson is here with us this it will be a weekend filled with Tom and Jerry Cartoons. LOL

Have a wonderful day dear friends,



  1. Hi Jo this is a powerful piece... poetic and beautiful..very inspiring! Shine on!
    I so love you are sharing your art !!! Hugs fabulous!

  2. Those haunted eyes, and the butterfly covered mouth, gave me a queasy feeling. I was right. That's what you meant to convey.

    " limited women of years past led their lives. They had to be careful how they acted lest they be labeled insane. Often times they led lives filled with fear and despair."

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with us JO!!
    You have lots of talent! Wish I could paint.

    Enjoy your grandson this weekend!!

    Pamela xo

  4. Women have always led difficult lives -- how wonderful to honour their struggles in your art!

  5. This painting is so powerful. What amazing talent you have. Enjoy the time with your. grandson.

  6. Love your painting - and I am so glad you are enjoying your time with the grandson.


  7. Wow! Your painting speaks volumes and touches my very soul.

  8. I can't wait to see more of your work! I love your style, color choice and the feelings you capture. Beautiful work!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! It's so nice to meet you!

  9. JO!!! I had NO idea that you were an artist! Isn't it fun to paint or create for YOURSELF? Perhaps that is a form of silence to bask in. Thank you dearest for visiting me today; we had a lovely day, with warmer temperatures in the 30s...a heatwave for us! Blessings to you ma chère amie! Anita

  10. If you haven't already, ( I didn't look) you should go visit Mary's blog I AM's on my blog roll. Pretty powerful stuff she tells.
    Love that painting too. Auntie's's
    hauntingly beautiful...but I didn't get queasy:)

    Hope you had a fun grandbabe weekend.

  11. The colors are wonderful and I can feel your expression when I look at your picture.

    I love the fact you used butterflies to represent the inner thoughts of this woman. Butterflies wanting to be free.

    Great job Jo!



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