Thursday, February 10, 2011


I think most of the country is covered in snow, ice, rain, sleet or just sludge.

So I wanted to send some springtime to each and everyone of you.

As you know...I live in AZ and it is mostly sunny here..altho...we have had a few very cold days of late.

These are a few shots of my home. I LOVE case you can't tell.

And the light in AZ  makes these warm colors just pop.  This is my guest bedroom...just found the spread for these beds...the design is called KARMA..I just love that...It reminds me to be nice to everyone I meet...because you never know what is around the corner in your life.

You can also tell...I'm not afraid of color.  This wasn't always so.  When I was younger I stuck to very bland color design; but as I have gotten older..and somewhat bolder..this is so much more fun.

I've had much of this furniture for years and just keep adding a few things to keep it fresh.  The bench is covered in an old horse blanket..but it fit my pallet perfectly ~ so home it came.
I found the lovely chest in Canada on Salt Spring Island...had it for years...but it is still loved.

I've had this beautiful lady since l992. She used to have a much more silver cast to her ~~ but I just applied a little bronze shiny paint here and there and she fits right in, too.

I have lots of Buddhas around my home.  They calm me and make my space feel special.  I always drape jewelry around the neck as I love to see things I love displayed on a daily basis.

The frame behind the buddha used to hold a mirror...but I have repurposed it to hold one of my favorite art photos that was also purchased on a trip up in Canada.

And of ROSES....have to have roses.  Hope you have enjoyed this little JOLT OF COLOR TODAY.

It makes me smile EVERYDAY!!!
For those of you dealing with cold and snow..
 I would like to leave you with this quote:  "I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape~~the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter.  Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn't show."
Andrew Wyeth, artist
Hugs sweet friends,



  1. Your home is lovely, and I thank you for sharing these pictures. I did need a good shot of color today. Roses are, by far, my favorite flower. I love their scent and their beautiful colors.

  2. Sweet Jo I love all the colors in your home. Colors raise my spirits. You have a lovely home. Thank you for sharing all your gorgeous colors. Hugs

  3. Hi Jo, love your images - we share the love for bold colors, so much needed now, here in cold everywhere!

  4. Your guest bedspreads are gorgeous! I like vibrant colours too.

  5. Hi Jo... I just love how colorful your home is!... I want to come stay in that gorgeous guest bedroom!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Hi Jo! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say hello. Your blog is beautiful and I am now following so I can come back & visit again. I love color, the Southwest, Moose (as you already know, lol)and crafting!

  7. Just love those tulips, what amazing colour - bring on the spring!

  8. You have some wonderful decorating ideas, Jo. I love all of your pops of color!


  9. Oh yes, this is just what I needed today. We are so covered in snow and gray skies. Thank you for sharing your lovely home.

  10. Your home is lovely Jo and I too love colour!!

    I was just heading over to tell you about my giveaway but you beat me to it!
    Your husband sounds like an amazing man!!!!
    Pamela xo

  11. You have a beautiful home and I really love the bedspreads in the guest room. Love the colors!

  12. thank you thank you for the shot of color tonight! I am so glad you shared and linked up ... nice to meet you..

    I love your color. It has been cold and snowy here for weeks. I am most ready for Spring and I am a word girl and am loving that quote at the end of your post - something waits beneath it ... the whole story doesn't show!

  13. You are right - those colors just cheer everything up. Colors make the world a much better place. Thanks. sandie

  14. Love the lampshade.. I love bold colours too.. but less in my decor these days.. abut definitely in art... I think we must have a similar light here in Aus. well at least here in Sydney. it is quite strong and sometimes bold is called for.. I'm sure you know what I mean,..

    Thanks for your sweet comments... Hope you have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  15. Your post full of color was just what I needed to forget about all the white snow outside my front door! It's supposed to warm up this weekend so I'm hoping for a melt down!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. The tulips are shouting spring, thank you for sending hope to those of us that have and are enduring the grey days.

  17. Thanks for the hint of spring colors to come.


  18. Beautiful vignettes in your home Jo. I love a little color too.


  19. Hello

    I am liking Miss Sophie. I am a dog lover and always notice when bloggers shows their pets.

    I like colors also and I like the all white houses but I have too much colored treasures to go all white or gray


  20. Funny that you say that, but yes I do love my pinks but I am not a girly girl if you know what I mean, so not sure why I love pink so much. I have loved it since I was young. I just love your spare room and your colors. And yes..... I do love color also.

    I see that you have the beautiful Carmelina on your blog list. I just love her site:-)

    Love your site

    Happy Pink Saturday!!!

    Warm Wishes and Happy Valentine's Day, CindyLew

  21. Lovely vivid colors making life more beautiful!

  22. Thanks for that Andrew Wyeth quote. I'd seen it before but forgotten it. What I do remember is admiring Wyeth's paintings this past summer at the Butler Institute of American Art ... I've now become a big fan of his work. Glad to have found your blog today.


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