Monday, December 26, 2011


For many of us.....holidays have always been a very stressful time.....too much work...too little time. the years have passed and holidays have changed over the years...I find that ours are getting better and better.  

Yes.....this could have been me a few years ago....( cute grandson was taking pics with my camera)..but you understand my meaning.  Christmas ALWAYS seemed more about the presents and what everyone received than just spending time with people who love you.  

My wonderful grandson could be the reason they seem so much more pleasant...oh yes....he loves presents....

But...he also....just loves hanging out with his grandma and grandpa.  He is an only child and has quite wonderful attitude about life.  He enjoys every minute and is always looking for the next adventure.....kind of like his grandpa.

Miss Sophie doing what she does best at the holiday.  (O:

These pics were taken on Christmas Eve  

and of course gifts were opened in a nano-second.

We had friends in for dinner on Christmas day....and I made the traditional dinner.  It seems as though I have not cooked this meal in quite a few years and it was really enjoyable to do so.

This does seems to be a somewhat disjointed post....but I just wanted to share my holiday with you.

I hope yours was all you had hoped it would be.

Hugs from here,



  1. Not disjointed at all was lovely. A snippet glimpse into what your holiday was about -- no stress, just joy. Glad it was so wonderful. I look forward to having grandchildren some day to share the magic with them!

  2. A lovely post and sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. I'm still at that 'too little time' stage and it seems all too quick that I have to return to work.

  3. I, too, love the quieter more sane Christmas that we now celebrate. However, I don't have any grandchildren yet and that could all change when they come along. Hopefully, I can keep the Spirit that I feel now. Hugs to you and a wish for a truly wonderful New Year.

  4. I love that first picture of you with the look of pure joy radiating from your beautiful smile. I had a great Christmas too with the ones I love. Sending you hugs,


  5. I love Christmas and always will. And I think it is getting better as I'm wiser about my capabilities and finances. I also learned to let go a little, not be so fussy.

    It looks like you had a wonderful holiday,


  6. Yes...yes... it's all about the time spent together. I have asked for 'an hour of time' to be given to me as a gift. No money to be spent. The memories of that hour can last a lifetime.

  7. I think ours are getting better...they are much more peaceful because we have made choices to no longer engage in any drama and have gradually gone off on our own...we celebrate with close family and friends and I find it much happier...less material things and time spent together is the focus...

    Miss Sophie is adorable and so is your grandson <3

    Happy new Year!!! :)

  8. Awww Jo, I can hear you laughing and feel your joy! I know how special the little guy is to you so I understand your giddiness:) So glad it was a good year and yes, they just seem to get better...

  9. Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! I'm enjoying it more now that I've decided to just let things's really all about connection with those we love! :)

  10. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for commenting on my kitty Gracie - I think she's pretty too but of course i"m her mother - lol. I agree that Christmas is starting to get better. It's always been stressful but less so in later years. This was my least stressed one yet. I put up some lights and a little garland, and a few decorations but did not go all out, and it was just right for this year. Glad yours was a good one too!

    Sharon :-)

  11. Looks like you had a wondeful time :)

  12. Jo, You are simply tres chic in that bright red nose! I don't think I could pull off the look nearly that well. LOL Your love for your family and friends just beams from your smiling face!

    So happy that you had such a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. Wishing you the very best in the coming year and many, many more peaceful and blessed holiday seasons to come. :~)

    ~Mrs B

  13. I'm so happy you fully enjoyed your Holiday with your loved ones. Engaging in Simple yet Meaningful ways creates the heart space we need for Love to shine through doesn't it?

    Happy New Year and Beautiful Blessings, Always Jo! :)

  14. Sounds likea beautiful Christmas was had by all. Enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  15. Jo- I think the grandkids are what make the Christmas Holiday so special. Ours have become more laid back as the years move us along. I don't stress out nearly as much as I used to..what gets done does...what doesn't get done...doesn't really matter! Happy Christmas week- xo Diana

  16. Love the pics. I just love Christmas and the feel of it. I had the best one this year with my children and grandaughter. We did miss my Julie who is in the Marines and serving overseas right now. Your pictures just brought a smile and made me reflect once again. Thanks


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