Saturday, December 3, 2011

CHRISTMAS PRETTIES.......................................

Thanks to each of you who stopped by with your kind comments they say TODAY IS ANOTHER DAY!!  Can't stay in the doldrums for long.....I'm saving all of everyone's muchness in my heart and now it is Pink and fluffy~~ as it needs to be .

Here are a few Christmas pretties to share over this cold, cold weekend.

We have our wonderful grandson this weekend....going to get a fire going and make a Gingerbread House......It could be the first one he has ever made....and I know it will be my FIRST! (O:

Hugs and warm thoughts to all,



  1. Hi Jo,
    I love your Christmas Pretties! That Santa stole my heart! :)
    I am a huge Santa fan! LOL
    Keep well and have fun creating your First Gingerbread House with your grandson.
    Don't forget to share pictures.

  2. Hi Jo... so glad you are full of muchness today!... these photos are so pretty!... enjoy your day with your grandson, and please share your gingerbread house in photos!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Everything looks so pretty Jo. I am so happy to know that you heart is once again pink and fluffy. Stay warm and have a great time making the gingerbread house. I have never made one of those either.


  4. Oh, I do love your Christmas pretties, and I'm sorry to hear you weren't up to par yesterday. I was so busy catching up on paperwork before my vacation that I didn't do much visiting yesterday. Glad you are feeling better.

  5. There's no better fun than decorating a gingerbread house, especially with a child!

  6. Dear happy your 'muchness' has returned to you and you are feeling better. I'd say making gingerbread houses with your grandson is rainbown fluffy! :)

    My grandaughter and I are hanging out this weekend too...who knows what fun things will come about. :)

    I loved your sharings today...very festive!

    Have fun and talk with you soon...

  7. A fire and a gingerbread house - with a grandson added in - how perfect is that.

  8. I am trying to get in the spirit as well. We have some company coming for the holidays so I am putting the tree up and decorating! I haven't in the last couple years. For not real reason just haven't. But this year I will! Our grown niece and her husband who we just love to pieces are coming! We are most excited and I feel I want to make the house very festive for them!

  9. These photos are so sparkly and shiny, and how fun to make a gingerbread house with your grandson. Did you buy a kit or will you make it from scratch? Glad to hear your muchness is returning.

  10. Christmas Pretties thrill me to my finger tips.

    Know you will have so much fun with your grandson. Happy, happy.

  11. Oh Jo...I had to scroll down and read your post below. I SO HEAR fact my recent post, was just about that really. I too, have lost some of my muchness........and I SOOO WANT IT BACK.
    But, today, I did feel much better. And I am glad you are too....I love all your "pretties" on this post. christmas really is filled with pretty, and sparkly,....and I guess we may not be able to change the world.
    we just have to start within our own walls I guess.

  12. Sounds like a good day...see, the emptiness always fill up again:) Now I'll watch for a picture of you, your little guy and the gingerbread house:)

  13. Very, very beautiful treasures! I'm glad you're back to being in the pink today. I sure would enjoy seeing the completed gingerbread house. :)

  14. i love making gingerbread houses :) even if they dont turn out very nice, thats all right since i am the only one that will eat gingerbread :p


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