Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HI SANTA........IT'S ME.................

Dear Santa ~~~
I've spent 65 Christmases with you.....yep sixty-five......and I know I've asked for a lot over the years.....but this year, I want to keep it simple.

Just one thing on my list this year.
Can you please fix it so people begin communicating VERBALLY again.

No....not on a computer, or texting or twittering and tweeting.  Not facebook or answering machines: press one for English......two for Spanish.....or blackberries or blueberries.... (O:(O:....but actual face to face conversations.

A phone call here, a nod hello, a simple thank you, a warm smile and a kind how are you....actually making eye contact.

This is all I'm asking for Santa....I know you are so very busy this time of year...but as someone who has been a faithful believer for 60 plus years...I know you won't push my request aside.
BTW......we have great  cookies HERE this year!!!  LOL  I figure a little bribe won't hurt. (O:

Christmas sparkles to all,



  1. I love this post,I would have many true friends near me...but the ones that I have are by Internet,I would seat withe them to drink a coffe and smile and talk a lot about our life.This is my secret desire,that I bring in my heart by many year,I hope to realize it, same for you!

  2. I just read a post on another blog about the personal service we used to get in stores, banks, etc. I love my bank because when I walk in the door, I'm greeted by name.

    I try to smile and make eye contact with the people I pass on the street, I thank the service people at stores and gas stations, and I try to pick up the phone and call rather than always rely on email to check in with folks (although I'm not always so great on this last point).

    I don't know how to reach you verbally, but I'm sending you a spoken greeting right now! Ha!

  3. Personally, I'm not much of a phone person, but I do love snail mail. Not only has technology stepped in the way of good old fashioned mail, but so have the prices of stamps. With so many out of work, who can afford to send simple cards anymore.

    I'm with you, Jo. I long for the old days. Was such a joy to get a Christmas cards. Now all my greetings comes through Yahoo.

  4. I am a few years ahead of you and I could not agree more with this post. My only thanks for a computer is to have Skype so I can talk with a camera to all my overseas friend and for free. Diane

  5. Come live by me...

    I talk to everyone on the street,
    I smile, I nod, I wish people a good morning.
    I hold doors open and help people cross the street.

    Most people respond back to me,
    and if they don't, well, that is alright
    because I know I was cordial and showed
    kindness to another.

    Been like that all my life
    and not about to change things up now.


    hugs Sharon

  6. Real in person chats, now that is a good idea. Just add snail mail letters and you have my vote on this.

  7. Hello Jo... wonderful post, and I wish for the same thing, although I would not have met you and many other lovely ladies if not for the internet... but a kind word or a thank you always makes my day... this morning when I went to our post office to mail a package first thing, I helped a lady with her package, actually, I carried it all the way in, even though she was quite capable of doing so... not a word of thanks!... I had to speak my mind, and told her a simple thank you would have been nice... I got a snippety snort and nothing else... I told her my mama had raised me with manners, but apparently hers had not... no Christmas spirit in her... xoxo Julie Marie (What HAS happened to manners and being nice)?????

  8. Oh I am SOOO with you on this, Jo! I hate all the gymnastics it takes to actually get through to people sometimes! xo Diana

  9. Dear Jo, I agree completely, a hand written letter in my mail box brings me so much joy. I fear it is a lost art. Have a wonderful evening, xoxox Christel

  10. You. Are. So. Right....Write!

  11. Oh, to long for the good ol days... BUT, if not for this kind of communication, how could we have ever met face to face? :) You/we really should skype...

    Have yourself a glittery Christmas too Jo..

  12. I'm totally with you on this one Jo! I love receiving it letter or card and love phone calls too (which hardly ever happens for me.)

    So I stand with you in resonance on this communique' to Santa...and hopefully everyone's stocking will be filled with this, this year!

    Thanks for a Beautiful Thought!

  13. Ah, this is a good wish. Electronic communication has taken over. I even find myself emailing back and forth with the person in the office right next to mine. It seems faster and more efficient than getting up and going there. But I think this all tends to isolate us sometimes. The world is moving so fast and time is precious.

  14. Wonderful post, sweet Jo. We humans depend far too much on our electronics. They will never replace the warmth we receive when in the presence of another, particularly one we love or feel very close to. I hope Santa obliges you and that you have a wonderful holiday season. Hugs, Mina


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