Sunday, December 18, 2011

CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS.......................

As it gets closer to Christmas I find myself thinking about Christmas time during my childhood.  My family was one of  very modest fact....often my father was unemployed and my dear mother supported us.  Christmas time could be pretty lean as far as presents went...but we always had a big Christmas dinner  and invited family who were close by.  

My mom was always so busy that she often left the Christmas decorating to me....and I gladly did it with what little we had.  In fact, I always enjoyed the task.   My mom NEVER made a Christmas cookie...but she would make cream puffs by the dozen and a home made chocolate cake with hard crunchy frosting that was to die for.  She baked all the pies for Christmas dinner as well as making the actual dinner.  Unfortunately, I was not much help in the kitchen.  I don't know how I ever learned to cook.

Anyway.....every Christmas midnight they would show A CHRISTMAS CAROL on TV.  The black and white version ....... and every Christmas Eve......I would stay up myself and watch it.  I never tired of it and I did the same tradition by myself well into my teen years.

It is funny what one thinks of in the Autumn of life.

Did you have any Christmas traditions of your own during your childhood?
I won't be posting until again after the holidays....I want to take some time for myself and my friends and family.

Hugs to all and have a blessed  Christmas holiday.....




  1. Oh what wonderful memories you have. I have many memories of my childhood Christmas', but one that stands out is the Christmas Eve I thought I saw Santa in my living room. I had a crack running across my bedroom door and while peeking through, I saw, or thought I saw, a flash of red. I threw open the door, and there stood mom and dad decorating the tree. They never decorated until Christmas Eve, and somehow, even though I caught them red-handed, it never did sink in. It was still Santa who did it in my eyes. Guess I wanted to believe so badly.

  2. What wonderful Christmas memories Jo. Christmas for me puts a perspective on my family's blessings and good health and of course preparing the way for our Lord Jesus to enter and dwell in our hearts. I wish you and yours a very blessed and happy Christmas.


  3. Dear Jo
    I have not been on the computer much lately but wanted to stop in and wish you a blessed Christmas... Such wonderful memories you have shared with us... I too, have enough beautiful memories to last a lifetime..
    Take care my friend
    See you next year

  4. Sweet Jo, what lovely memories you have of Christmas past. I agree completely that the holidays bring about so many memories. Sending you warm wishes and big hugs...xo

  5. I love the original old B&W British version of The Christmas Carol too! Alastair Sim is the ONLY Scrooge for me! Have a wonderful holiday season and see you in the new year, Jo!

  6. Fantastic memories. Ours will be a quiet Christmas this year with just the 2 of us. Have a great Christmas and all the very best for 2012. Diane

  7. I'm sure I have some traditions that were "just mine" when I was younger, but at the moment nothing is jumping up to me...and I think sometimes traditions are like that -- we are so used to doing it that we don't think of it as "unusual" to someone else. I love that you made sure to watch "A Christmas Carol" by yourself every Christmas Eve!

    We had good times at Christmas and like you, we weren't flush with money. But we always had gifts and we always had a lovely meal. Who could ask for anything more?

    Enjoy your family time and time away from the computer Jo. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all good things for the new year! xo

  8. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you share in many new and old tradiitons.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  9. Missed a few days checking blogs :(
    Love the roses, the awesome look through your Christmasy house (along with the lady in a housecoat:)) and this sweet memory you shared. Have a wonderful holiday my sweet friend! xoxo

  10. I have wonderful memories of Christmas as a child...midnight mass, the church bazaar, trying so hard to fall asleep Christmas Eve and all of the great fun in the morning.

    I have tried to recreate that for my children. I bake more than my mother did, but I don't have 7 children...she did her best. Financially, I can give my children and family more, but I am forever grateful for all of this.

    I enjoyed hearing about your Christmas memories. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!


  11. Dear Jo, I too grew up from very modest means, and don't regret it1 Christmas was for me all about Christ, and church. I loved singing in the choir, especially at Christmas time, in church, and for midnight mass. One traditional present that stands out for me was little crocheted houseslippers my grandmother would make for every grandchild...she had 37! and even a few great grandchildren before I was gone from home. She would ask us each to trace our foot, and give it to her with our names..then she would use that tracing as the tag of the gift!Even though we all knew we were getting houseslippers from grandma, it was exciting to see what color, or color combination they would be..and they were warm! have a great week, thanks so much for sharing your memories. xoxo Christel

  12. I spend more time revisiting my childhood days than I should. My childhood was happy and sad. I remember the happy best.

    I wish you such a happy Christmas new cosy memories.

    Merry Christmas. & ((hugs))

  13. Dear,dear Jo!!!

    It´s so true,about Christmas time and the memories from a childhood:-)))*
    My home by my Mom in Russia,in Siberia,this is my childhood place:-)*... and there is now many,many snew,very Christmas weather!!!

    Here in holland where I live is much rain and absolutely not cold,but the atmosphere is SO Christmas nice:-)))* Only I miss my Mom here so very much...

    Wish to you dear Jo and to your family wonderful Christmas time,

    Much love,

  14. Wonderful memories. Enjoy your holidays!!

  15. Oh Jo! You make me think so deeply. I remember my best Christmas present ever as a child. I wanted a music box with the twirling ballerina inside that poped up when the lid opens. I looked under the tree an it was not there. I went sadly into my mom and dads room and told them santa did not bring it to which my mom said "surely he must have brought it". I went and searched under the tree and it was there. I loved it and still smile today when I think of it. Thanks for bringing it back to my thoughts.


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