Wednesday, December 7, 2011


O.K. sweet friends......what do you think this is??  This came to me in the mail the other day from one of our local retailers.
I opened it and didn't have a clue.  First I thought it might be a lighter.....then maybe a small flashlight.....but no~~ not that either.
Notice the bling on the case....tiny..tiny....little crystals that are a topaz color.  Well I was a little bewildered ..... so I asked my sweet husband.   His reply......Oh.....that.....that is a Zip-Drive .... says he.  A Zip-Drive with BLING!!!

Only where I live in AZ would someone consider putting BLING on a Zip-Drive.

Gads.....we are right up there with Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. (O:(O:(O:
Don't know how happy that makes me.....either.
But it did make me smile....I'll tell you that.

Hugs from here,



  1. That is really, really cute! I am so glad you told us what it was because I never would have guessed!

  2. Ooooh Jo, I want a blingy zipdrive!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Hi Jo,
    A Zip-Drive with Bling? What retailer sent it?
    Too funny!

  4. Oh, I'm laughing myself silly! I can just see the puzzled look on your face as you tried to guess. You must be a special customer! And aren't you glad you have such an awesome hubby:)

  5. LOL, Jo! I will be even MORE impressed if you tell me it came in a mink lined carrying case! lol xo Diana

  6. I must confess, it did sort of look like a zip drive to me; but the bling kept throwing me off. I thought maybe a tiny mirror or a very small lipstick tube. I would never think to put bling on a zip drive...but I suppose you can put it on just about anything. Big hugs...Thanks for stopping by yesterday. PS. I wrote a post about Google Friend won't be available to us non Blogger writers, so I didn't even bother adding the widget to my site.Glad you signed up via email. Big hugs...

  7. If nothing else it was good for a smile.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  8. Oh noes, my zip drive don't have any bling. I must have bling. I need bling.

  9. Well, I would have had NO IDEA what it was either. Quite a fancy zip drive for sure.

    Merry Christmas to you. I hope it is wonderful. I'll get back to you the end of Dec. Headed off to Utah on the 14th to be with my kids. Excited!!

  10. Oh I love it! I would have never known what that was either. Too cute!


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