Friday, December 2, 2011


Mad Hatter to Alice......"You used to much more Muchier"
"You've lost your muchness."

Alice in Wonderland is probably one of my favorite books....and it is absolutely one of my favorite movies.

I know the holidays are here and we are all supposed to be all giddy with creativity and holiday spirit.....but I seem to have MISPLACED MINE!  Oh I'm not saying I'm  a Bahh Humbug sort of person....but this year my heart does seem to be a little on the flat side....instead of all "puffy and pink" like it usually is this time of year.

Could be all the disaster that is ALWAYS in the news....could be that our country is in a mess in more ways than one.....could be that families everywhere are estranged and fighting....could be that no matter how hard one tries to make the world a better place.....your efforts make such a small patch in this huge hole  in our world.

I know my post today is not an upbeat one....but I needed to put this out here in the Universe today and see what bounces  back to me.

I have lost some of my MUCHNESS......can I please borrow some of yours?

As always,




  1. Jo,
    This breaks my heart to hear you say that. You know that in this whole wide world you are beautifully unique and special and you. No one could ever take your place. I am happy to share some muchness with you. If only I could give you (((HUGS))) today.


  2. YOU know Jo, I don't think you're alone here. This recession is no fun for anybody, wherever they are in the world, but another factor here that makes it feel very un-christmassy, is that it hasn't got cold yet, and we still have all the autumn leaves - very strange indeed.
    I'm sure if you spend the weekend starting to decorate, planning a few meals and thinking about gifts the christmas mood will edge in regardless.
    best seasonal wishes!!

  3. Dearest Josette... I don't think you have lost your muchness... but I am sending you MUCH MUCH MUCH from me!!! You are right about all of the things happening in this old world of ours today... but I can hear my daddy's voice softly telling me "Julie, you can't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders"... I always try to... then I hear daddy's voice... so dear Jo, "you can't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders" either and I know you want to make everything better like I do... now, I hope you will do what I try to do... make at least one person happy each day... fix any one thing in my power to fix... a little bit at a time... that IS muchness... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Jo, I hope your "muchness" has already returned to you. The world can be a dark place so it can be a challenge to keep our joy. Blogs are a lovely place to share our struggles and joys.
    Hugs from me in California. Terra

  5. Jo I feel much the same as you this year, hopefully this feeling is just a passing thing and we will soon pink and fluffy again. Take care Diane

  6. I can eally relate to this but I will tell you something that helped me get going. Reading the blogs and seeing what other people were doing and creating got me going. I didn't even want to put up a tree this year and now I have 5 (4 littles ones)!

    I think you need to create a safe, beautiful spot just for you. You do deserve it. YOU are special! *HUGS*

  7. Jo, I'll glady share some of my muchness with you! I have just found out I am going to be a Nana next May so I am overflowing with muchness!

  8. Oh Jo! Peace be with you today. I think you are wonderful and I love to come to this special place. Your life is exciting and mine is so simple! I love it when you post about your travels and share them!!!
    Smiles,my sweet friend!

  9. All of your Dear and Wise Women Friends here have said it very succinctly Jo...

    We cannot worry about tomorrow...what would be the purpose in that? I know...I do the same too but really, we should not. So to that end I will give you some of my Muchness today...whatever are we here for if not to make life less difficult for others? So, I wrap my Sisterhood Shawl around your elegant shoulders and whisper in your ear...everything is going to be alright Beloved...

    Sending you Peace and Muchness on gentle winds!

  10. I will send you some of my Muchness. I am feeling the spirit of the holidays. Last December I lost my Dad. It was a very gloomy, moody holiday for me although I tried to be cheery for my kids and husband...they understood. This year is about giving and that fills my heart to no end. I know soon you will feel it, too!


  11. I think your much more than muchness!
    It sounds like a "Calgon take me away" day is muchly needed... With much happy music, much pampering, much comfort intake, and much thankfulness as the cherry on the top. Those things always help my muchness perhaps they will muchly help your wonderful muchness.
    Have a much better day.
    Always, Queenie

  12. I have muchness to share. I've had nothing to blog about but it's given me a chance to stop and think about the Christmas season. Black Friday made me sick to my stomach. So much greed and selfishness. Christ has told us, serve others. In that we will find joy. So this Christmas season is going to be a time of service for me. If I let myself, I do feel flat. Both my parents are gone. My son is in Montana. But I have my wonderful husband, my fabulous Aunt Happy, and my beautiful sister to share Christmas with.

    Your blog brings such a joy to all of us who enjoy your posts every day. They open up a world of beauty especially to those like me who cannot seem to be able to create their own beauty. That's what we should be thinking about. The Hope of the Season. The world has always been full of horrible things and events. Reading the Bible tells us that. But there is so much more and Christmas is our chance to really understand that.

    Sorry to ramble on like this. I do not want you to be sad or "flat". I want you to now how very very special you are. Read the comments from your wonderful friends and feel their love surrounding you.

  13. One of my favorites too!!!!I find my muchness stays with me if I am doing for others. I've always felt that way so it just comes natural. It may be selfish too because I feel wonderful doing it;)Sending you some muchness (((hugs))) and some Christmas spirit:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  14. Don't give up! JO
    We all seem to need more 'Muchness' right now...just seeing Johnny Depps smiling Mad Hatter face makes me SMILE!!! Thank you for posting him!
    Yes, growing up with 'Alice in Wonderland' as one of my favorite books too always took me on a whimsical whirlwind of a magical out-of-this-world adventure. Keep creating and doing whatever it is you like to do, and I am sure your 'muchness' will return. Enjoy the season no matter what!
    Teresa in CA

  15. Jo - Maybe you could try the Simple Abundance approach? (Did you read that book?) Gratitude to start each day. Hard to come up with something? It can be. I usually start with the basics: Thank you that I'm breathing and in my right mind. Thank you for my health, food and shelter. Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you for the particular shade of blue the sky is this morning. Thank you for the quiet of dawn. Thank you for this red shirt that was in the back of my closet and I forgot I owned. Simple Abundance. Thanking Him for it. It'll grow your heart and make it Christmas year round for you. xo

  16. Jo, this calls for an immediate fix to your soul: Pick up a great book, tuck yourself into a chair with a blanket, sip some tea, and relax!

    Sometimes life seems to get us down, but we always manage to get up the hill again--the view from there is awesome.

  17. Ok, first off you need to remember who this comment is coming first look read the word MUNCHIES and I wondered why you were sad at not having the munchies...mwahaha. Ok, now that I know what you're talking about, I think you need a distraction. So hop on over to my blog and see what that may be:) As for the rest of favorite life is "life takes care of itself" and it always does. Don't let this mess get you down. Things will change again and life does what it does. Just be your happy self! And know you're loved. That's what matters...

  18. Oh my, maybe some of my Muchness is where yours is? Please let me know if you find them :O)...

  19. I'm afraid I have lost my muchness at Christmas time for a few years now. I do end up feeling the spirit of Christmas on the day when I'm with my family, however, it just doesn't feel the same as it used to. A changing world perhaps or maybe the fact that the season has become so commercialised over the years...I'm not really sure. Know that you are not alone in your feelings. xo

  20. Jo I think a lot of people are struggling to get their "muchness" back. I have been searching for mine for a long while now and some days it is right there almost within reach and other days I have to work very, very hard to capture even a whiff of it, but I think the important thing is to always be trying, to never give up, because it is there waiting for us to claim.
    It's the Universe's free gift to us, right around the corner just beneath the surface with our name all over it!!
    Have a special Sunday Jo....
    Tina xo

  21. Oh Jo, I go through these patches myself. I have been ill and am finally getting on the other side of it but while down, I did a lot of journalling and realized that my own thoughts had become so negative so I wrote to the core of it all. While I did not come to any big "AHA!", it did feel good to get it out there and then to create a positive comment for each negative. Slowly I balanced out again and just concluded that while life is so chaotic and ugly it is also orderly and beautiful. So shall it always be. I hope you find your muchiness soon, my sweet friend.


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