Monday, July 11, 2011

O.K......O.K.......HERE'S THE ANSWER ................................

We are currently in Oregon visiting a friend...and I finally am able to take a little break and give a little update.  

Beautiful Julie Marie of Idyllhours did, in fact, guess correctly.  It is the Hearst Castle located in breath taking San Simeon. Here are a few more shots around the estate

"Casa Grande" , as the castle was called, was built between the years 1919 to l947 by William Randolph Hearst in collaboration with the female architect Julia Morgan.  It was surrounded by 127 acres of gardens and several guest houses.  On the estate were zoo's housing exotic animals, such as zebra's and white polar bears.

It has an outdoor olympic size pool, built in the Greek style.  Hearst was an big believer in swimming for exercise, There also is an indoor pool built in a pavilion. The tiles are inlaid with gold flecks throughout.

"Casa Grande", The Big House, has 56 bedrooms and 61 bathrooms.  It was constructed of reinforced concrete, to withstand earthquakes. The sophistication of construction here does bogle my mind. Remember.....this was in the early 1900's.

Hearst was an avid collector of European artifacts throughout his life and they are all proudly displayed in his castle.

This love of Europe was instilled in him as a child when he traveled through Europe for a year and a half with his mother.

Here is the formal dining room where Hearst had all his famous dinners.  You would have cocktails in the Salon beginning at 7 o'clock sharp.  Hearst did not like late arrivers.  
You were allowed one cocktail, maybe two.  Hearst did not like drunks.  Then at 9 o'clock you would retire to the dining room above for the formal dinner.  The term "formal" made me chuckle as you can see from the ketchup and mustard jars on the table.  Hearst did not like "sauces".  He always sat his most important guest right beside him, that way he could pump them for information and going's on in Hollywood.  His guest list included Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant, Hedda Hopper just to name a few.   The next time you were were moved down a chair because you had served your purpose.

Here are a few more shots around the main floor of the castle.  It is a little over the top for today's standards....but at the time was truly a marvel.

Anything that could be embellished.....was, with antique ceilings from churches and castles throughout Europe.

Sadly, Hearst died in 1951, before his beautiful vision could be completed.  At the time of his death, he was in serious financial difficulty, so the construction on the "Casa Grande" came to a halt.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this little piece of History today.  It is a marvelous place to see and a must if you are ever in Southern California in the San Simeon area.

Back again soon......hugs to all.



  1. That pool is fantastic. On a hot day like this it sure looks inviting. What a beautiful place.

  2. Indeed, I did enjoy my visit. It is like a trip to Europe. Wonder photos and sharing.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Jo... oooh, did I win a prize???... tee hee hee! I so love Hearst Castle and San Simeon... we have a beautiful photo Jack took of the old lighthouse in the little town of San Simeon as well... the castle truly is fascinating and I am so happy you were able to visit... love all the stories that go with it... hope you are enjoying your vacation... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. We were going there once, but I think it was closed or expensive or something. (Maybe my husband just didn't wanna...who knows.) Ketchup and mustard bottles aren't formal?? Oops and I was trying to be so elegant. Fun in your travels.

  5. Thank you Jo! The ceilings are amazing! Have fun.

  6. A fabulous place and great history! I've never been to California. Being raised in the south, it always seemed like foreign land to me ... so far away. And now look where I am and where I've been. Ironic! :) Best wishes, Tammy

  7. What an interesting read and fantastic sounds like you're having a lot of fun!

  8. What a wonderful tour! Thank you!

  9. The photos and history makes this a most interesting post, Jo. I enjoyed it very much.
    And I'd love to be in a pool like that about now. Ketchup and mustard on a formal table...who knew? Have fun! ~Cheryl

  10. How awesome Jo! I've been past it a couple of times but never went in to see it. Glad I finally did through your travels :)

    Going to read your other posts now, I've been in Colorado....

  11. awesome photos -- what a place to live -- it's would be to big for me -- I see very little comfy comforts around - but in any case awesome spaces and the huge pool O may goodness that would be fun swimming in.. huges

  12. Oh Jo, what a treasure of an adventure you are having! I am green with envy (in the most happy for you and loveable way, of course.)

    Your images are just fantastic and I thank you so much for sharing your journey.


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