Happy birthday dear USA.......Happy birthday to you.....

Ok....for the next celebration

Another birthday to celebrate....my beautiful Daughter Shannon....Yep...she was born on the 4th of July....and she HAS BEEN a firecracker for sure!!!!

Here she is with her beautiful son....this was taken over 7 years ago...He also is a July baby and he will soon be 8.  Oh how the time has flown .

Happy birthday...Shannon....we love you,

Mom and Brad

Have a happy and safe 4th of July everyone,

Photos: tinywhitedaises~tumbler


  1. Jo I really love the post today! HB to our country and your beautiful daughter and GS. My youngest daughter turns 20 tomorrow. My friend Nadine is a firecracker and my brother Ed is July 5th birthday boy! My hubby and late father share July 23rd. My hubbys sis is July 22. We have a busy summer! Happy Birthday America and enjoy the weekend! Hugs Anne

  2. July birthdays rock!!! Mine is the 19th. Born the same month as our country - wow. Happy birthday to your daughter and grandson.

  3. What a lovely family & I will say..... What a wonderful red...white & blue!! Mmmmmmm ! ! !
    Happy 4th!!

  4. so many birthdays to enjoy!!!
    my grandson Bubba will be 14
    on July 6th ...
    love to you and yours Jo

  5. A banner day in more ways than one! Enjoy your long July 4th weekend!

  6. Happy Birthday Shannon!! Jo the cake and cupcakes look so delicious... I love strawberries. YUM!

  7. Oh Jo,

    YOUR LITTLE GRANDSON IS SO CUTE! Those button eyes get me every time!

    Sweet one, thank you for your visit. May nothing BUT rainbows follow you and LEAD you to peace. Anita

  8. A very Happy Birthday to Shannon!
    A very Happy 4th to you dear Jo!

  9. And there you are enjoying it on the road! I love the little 'Road Trip' thing you put on the sidebar. And the picture of your daughter and grandson is precious, happy birthday to her also. My mom's is the 13th, a grand daughter's the 9th and my Lori's would have been the 31st....

    Enjoy your journey my friend:)

  10. My beautiful wife was also born on the 4th. Happy birthday to all you firecrackers!

  11. Goodness honey you have me wanting to raid my refrig now but I know there is nothing like this waiting on me.
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter and grandbaby.
    You have plenty to celebrate on the 4th. Hope you have a very safe and Happy 4th too

  12. What a precious pic of your daughter and grandson! Happy Birthday, Shannon!!!

  13. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter and an early one to your precious grandson.

  14. nice photo of your daughter -- yes, tme flies bye for sure -- I have twin sons that their Happy Birthday is on the 6th -- Happy B-Day!

  15. Oh my goodness! How is it possible that you are living MY LIFE??? What a wonderful way to experience and enjoy life in your motorhome. I'm just thrilled that you found my blog and let me a sweet comment. I've had fun looking through yours and will continue to do so. I especially like your hissy fit post on June 25th (so honest) and I enjoyed seeing your pic on the June 15th post. Aren't you darling!!?? Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye on your in the future. Happy 4th!


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