Friday, July 22, 2011


Many of you have been artists for most of your lives.


In fact, my artistic journey did not begin until a few years ago when I started blogging.  Oh I had dabbled a bit in water colors and drawing....but always got side tracked by life.

Now, at 65, I have finally given myself permission to be an artist.  I have always been creative in my cooking and decorating, but never really considered those artistic pursuits.

Blogging, on the other hand, IS an artistic pursuit.  You can do ANYTHING on your blog.  The sky is the limit with how artistic you desire to be.

In 1996 I began reading "The Artist's Way" and signed a contract with myself to find my creative center.  It is now 2011 and I can honestly say that I did not begin my real creative path until a little over 2 years ago, when I started this blog.

I try not to beat myself up too much over wasted years ~~ they were necessary for me to work through things.  I am so grateful that I have finally found my path and am so very happy to have found all of  you in the process.

 A big hug to all you beautiful ladies out there,



  1. "The Artist's Way" is an amazing book, isn't it? It's revolutionized so many people's lives.

  2. Jo, I went through a similar process through a large portion of my adult life regarding the fact that my strongest talent lies in writing. You'd think I'd have recognized the fact that this is what I do best at an early age, and I did to a degree. It just didn't occur to me for more years than I want to admit that this was what I was meant to do for a living. I am now a freelance writer, and while this life is a continual struggle to keep work overlapping & money coming in the door, it is what I love doing. I look back on the years in other environments & industries as a teaching ground to learn what I didn't want. And boy did I learn that in great volume! I look at those years as useful in that regard, because I garnered a great deal of useful experiences that to this day complement my writing skills. It's all an endless journey, isn't it?

    I'm so glad you're here now, sweet girl, because your writing is making its mark and is touching hearts. :)



  3. Blogging is a creative outlet for me too. I post what I want to in my blog because it represents me, not anyone else. I love to get to know the creative women behind their blogs and admire all the talent and beauty that they share through their blogs.


  4. And a big hug to you as well! I had put myself on a shelf for many years and didn't really come alive until I found blogging. What a transformation it has been in my life and meeting wonderful blogger such a you has been a true blessing.

  5. Much like you, I dabbled in creativity my whole life, even took an art course through correspondence and did well with that. I wrote poetry off and on. Usually during difficult periods of my life. I have always been a very quiet person with not much to say.

    After the death of my husband and all the grieving, I started blogging on a Seniors site. It was not poetry, it was about things that mattered to me.

    I found it was easier for me to express myself with the written word. The poetry just kind of crept in every once and a while. So it has only been the last several years I have written steadily.

    I like this site so far, everyone seems very supportive of each other. I am still having some technical difficulties but hoping they will pass soon.

    I too, am grateful to be here and happy to have met you.

    hugs Fragile

  6. Hey Jo, I've been blogging for two years now too, and have tried so many new things and have a long list of things I would like to try. I took art in middle school and used to always doodle and draw, but somehow lost that along the way. When I see the art journaling and watercolor images that folks are creating, I want to do it all, but takes thought and practice at this point. As they say, if you don't use it, you lose it.

    As for the restaurants here -- there's not much to do in Kuwait, so going out to eat or the malls is the favorite pastime for most people since it is too hot to do anything outdoors. There are tons of restaurants, lots of fast food places -- which is why Kuwait has a high rate of obesity and diabetes. We only go out to eat on Fridays, and Japanese is usually our choice, although we do try other places too. But we don't make a habit of eating out and I would much rather stay home the rest of the time. Pajamas are my favorite item of clothing at the moment. Exactly 3 weeks from today I will be back at school so am enjoying this down time as much as I can.

    Have a great day! Blessings, Tammy

  7. Hi Jo... I love to hear you proudly tell your age... 65 years young! I am 62 and feel like I am finally accomplishing so many things I have always wanted to do... you certainly are a creative soul and your blog expresses that so beautifully!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Hi Jo,

    Your blog is a Mirror of Your Creativity! So you are Already an Artist! :)
    I just uploaded some more photos of my trip to Spain if you would like to see them and please leave a comment. :)

  9. Great post, Jo! The Artist's Way truly changed my life for the better and I've worked through it four times now, solo and once with a group. I haven't seen the Tara Frey book but it's now on my list.

    Yes, you ARE an artist and a wonderful inspiration! xo

  10. I think I may need to check out this book! Thaks for the tip!

  11. Some things just take their own time and, no matter how much we wish, we cannot rush it. I see your blog comes to bloom, and so will your artist!

  12. Great affirming post! I, too, have always felt "uncreative." My sister is a very talented artist and I always said she got all the creative, artistic talent. Now I'm ready to discover my own creativity. You are an inspiration!

  13. I am glad you let your artistic side show. Your blog inspires me. Thanks


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