Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A GARDENER'S SOUL.....................................................

Where does one's love of gardening come from?
Is it something you learn....or does it come from that deep well inside oneself?

My mother was not a gardner.  The only thing I can ever remember her growing was a sweet potato vine.....you know when you put the potato in water and it sprouts.

 On the other hand, as soon as I was able, I began acquiring plants.  At one point in time I had about 150 of them growing in my house.  I had every kind you could think of.   My first husband built me a three tier hanging shelf that was suspended right in from of my living room window.  My current soulmate.....did the same thing.  This shelf was also suspended in front of a large window.

The shelves were painted varying colors from a sunny yellow to tangerine to orange.  I even loved orange back then.

I have long since abandoned amassing such a plethora of indoor plants as we travel so much now,  but I do have a few old faithful "friends" who travel with us.

I could not imagine my space without a living plant to accompany me and to feed my spirit.

Dear friends......do you need a living plant or two in your space to feel complete?

Hugs gentle friends,



  1. I am not a gardener nor a plant grower. I've had hundreds of plants over the years and they all die a horrible death at my hands. So I decided to quit killing plants and enjoy the handiwork of others. And traveling this great country of ours, I get to enjoy so many different gardens and flowers.

  2. Hello Jo, I was born into a family of passionate gardeners... and I tagged along at my great~grandmothers side in her cottage garden as soon as I was old enough to walk... also my grandmother and my mama had beautiful gardens and took the time and love to encourage my passion as well... I cannot imagine a life without flowers and plants... would love to see photos of all of yours together years ago... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I'm from a family of gardeners and was one when I lived in Idaho. Here everything dies--inside and out. I don't know how you grow things in this place (Arizona), but I see others that manage. I'm cursed.

  4. My grandfather was the gardener in the family and I thought his yard was just magical. Although I can garden outdoors, my green thumb doesn't extend to house plants very much, so I just have a few. The house does fill up in the winter though when I bring in all of the ferns and palms! Somehow they survive!


  5. What a fabulous post. I'd never thought much of myself as a gardener, but the most amazing thing happened when we moved into our previous home. No matter what I planted in the backyard grew, and grew larger than anything imagined. Almost like Findhorn. My cucumbers weighed in at over two pounds and the tomato plants appeared to have a never-ending supply. My Sunflower grew taller than the roof and reached for the sky. Watermelon seeds dropped on the ground became a vine with the juiciest watermelon imaginable.

    It was a magical place that I loved and hated to leave. I know the fairy folk had a hand in it, but it wasn't until I began doing my genealogy and received a photo of a great grandmother I never met that I knew where the magic came from. In the photo, she was standing in the midst of a magnificent garden working on her tomato plants.

  6. I think gardeners have a wonderful need to nurture and sustain life.

  7. A beautiful topic! Although I have led a very nomadic life, I have always been blessed to have found homes abundant with beautiful gardens, fruit trees and lovely plants - I always think of the people who originally planted what provides us now.

    I could never live in a dwelling without a garden, and I strongly believe having green spaces and gardens helps in creating soul and happiness within a home. Plus, our children need trees to climb in and to see some food grow in our gardens!

  8. Dear Josette, I love this post you always write from your heart and it's really beautiful! My mother was an amazing gardener she grew everything! I was the only one who was passionate about herbs. I live and breathe them. I discovered at one point my Grandmother only grew herbs and made all her own products. I love that story.
    Hugs Rosemary XO
    P.S. I am thinking of an online store but will be posting some of my products later in August. Thanks for inquiring. X

  9. Oh wow, you just described my mom and her sweet potato in water...and maybe an avocado seed too. And myself with all my house plants..but no hanging shelf for them :(

    I can relate to your love of plants indoors and yes, I need a few still. I even put a tiny tomato plant out in a pot and dang if it didn't start growing like a weed and is giving me some sweet little grape tomato's everyday! I can't plant much here but maybe I'll throw some bulbs out in the fall and see what happens next spring.

    Enjoy your sweet little gardening on the go :)

  10. My mother loved to garden, but I didn't pick it up until recent years. I don't have any plants inside--I prefer my garden outside. Now it's my favorite place to sit and read, to eat meals in the summer, to watch the squirrel figure out how to get on the bird feeder...again! But one of my favorite gardens is your blog--always such lovely photos!

  11. I have several wonderful happy plants growing indoors and I love them but outdoors I just don't seem to have the knack! Neither did my mom.

  12. I couldn't be happy without to be sorrounded by plants,they make me in peace and full of joy,I love vey much animals and I have a strong tie withe them,It looks me that I have livedin Africa in my past life,and my dream is to have a wooden house between trees and animals running around....now I live in a apartment,small,without light and with a very small balcony....that I filled with plants,trees and tomatotos...

  13. We always had nice yards when I was growing up but I don't remember any actual garden areas. Just nice landscaping. I try to have balcony plants here but the heat and dust means that not all survive. I do need indoor plants for that touch of green even though they collect dust too. It's hard to keep up with. Have a great day. Tammy

  14. my mom and gramm had the green thumbs for sure!
    i have an African Violet that grows and grows
    and in my office i have a vine that wraps around my filing cabinet :D
    cukes and maters, roses and petunias outside
    this was a great post...didn't realize how much i do care for these things...

  15. -sigh- Alas, a gardener's soul I have not...but I surely do enjoy coming to your blog to see your photos! Just because I don't grow 'em don't mean I don't know 'em when I see 'em! LOL

  16. I think the love of gardening comes from somewhere within us. It's that instinctual drive that begs to dig in the dirt, to plant the seed, to nurture another living thing that brings us such joy in return with it's beauty or it's food.

    For myself, gardening is a spiritual experience. A tug on my heart and a reminder of the complexity of universal power and the divine. Lessons of life, death and rebirth. And mostly, the calmness that the very act bestows. Your photos are so beautiful, my sweet friend. Hugs to you!

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  18. I've always been a lover of all things Natural and the wonders of Nature... my Bedroom even as a child looked like a Tropical Jungle Paradise... one almost needed a Machete to get through it! *winks* I've always enjoyed having a blur between the inside and outside, where the Garden spills into the Home and vice versa... I couldn't imagine Life without my Family... my Plants, my Garden and my Fur Babies... oh, and all my Bohemian Treasures that I've hoarded... um, I mean collected to excess... *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. Oh my what a pleasure it is to visit your site Jo.
    I love everything about flowers...
    the colours
    the fragrances
    the textures
    the positive energy.

    Yes, I agree with you
    the love of gardening is part of you.

    Perhaps in your gene's or as some people believe
    you carry the memory in your very cells.

    Most of our ancestors were gardeners

    So nice to meet you
    happy weekend to you

    hugs Fragile


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