Monday, July 25, 2011

DO YOU BELIEVE IN FAIRIES?????..................................

I don't know whether I do ....... or not.  There is a spot on the web you can access that will give you YOUR OWN FAIRIE NAME.  You can find it here 

My fairie name is Bindweed Rainbowfilter.
This is the description of me.

She brings good fortune
She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows
She can only be seen on midsummer's eve
She wears tangled multicolored skirts made of petals and has multicolored wings like a butterfly.

I would like to think fairies exist, doing their work during the evening hours when the world is fast asleep.  Spreading their magic over the earth like so many raindrops, yet never leaving a trace that they have been here.

I really don't know much about you?
Please let me know where I can go to find out more.

Blessings to you,



  1. Oooh Jo, of course I believe in fairies!... I am sure you have read many of my posts about them as you have been such a loyal follower for so long... whenever people say "I have to see them to believe in them" I always tell them "no, you have to "BELIEVE" in them to see them... you simply must look at everything you can by Cicely Mary Barker... she has long since passed away, but you will be delighted with everything you find by and about her... your fairy name description fits you to a tee by friend!... enjoy your new~found adventure!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Me again... just tried out your link... not so sure about that!... says I am a trouble maker who can only be seen by the light of a full moon!... I don't think the fairies are really the ones running that site!... I think I like my old~fashioned fairy name better!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I think proof and fairies are oxymorons. Of course there are fairies, but no you can't prove it else that would break the fairy spell. I probably am more like the toadstool you fairies dance on.

  4. I am a fairy believer.

    I like to think they live in my garden
    they often have a dance on summer nights.
    The butterflies and the bees make a lovely little breeze and the rabbits stand about and hold hold the lights.....
    I wish you could come and see them with me!

  5. I would be very upset to find færies are a figment of imagination.
    I believe.

  6. If fairies don't exist, my DIL will disappear. Haven't been to the link yet but I must find that one and pass it on to her after I find my name.

  7. Mine is Nettle Goblinfrost! Have you read The Kingfisher Summer. I think you might enjoy it. xx

  8. i love the notion of fairies, and hope they are there in the woods.... tending to the trees and ferns and such.. its gives me comfort... to believe in beauty.. and goodness.. :)
    its thundering here.. and i was never afraid .. because my mom was an avid bowler..and told me.. at an early age that thunder was the angels bowling in heaven.. so ... if there are angels.. surely there are fairies.
    thank you for your lovely blog...
    sending big hugs

  9. i believe...
    i have my own fairy name on my blog
    they are in my garden and usually hide
    under the petunias...BEAR saw one once
    and started howling at the moon :D

  10. What fun! Now I have a fairy name-- Meadow Elfwand. (I also have a pirate name --Iron Bess Vane.) When I was a child I had a beautiful book of fairy stories, with gorgeous illustrations. I used to go out in the garden and look for fairies. Thanks for the fun memories.

  11. Oh, I definitely believe in fairies and even here in Brooklyn, sometimes one can catch a fleeting fairy light out of the corner of your eye. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  12. I don't know if I believe or not, but as they are not something I've encountered...anything is possible! I've always believed that what you think is! xo

  13. Are you saying that there are people who don't believe in faeries??? I can't even imagine what they are thinking...


  14. Can't say that I'm really a fairy believer...unless you include Tinkerbell!

  15. How interesting. Thanks. Love it

  16. Hi Jo, I am a believer...I have a photo of one of my dolls..I was photographing this doll directly from the front straight on, and she was created with her hands down at her side, but in the photo, a shadow appeared, and the shadow was clearly seated sideways, with her arms resting in her lap! I believe she is my fairy muse..she delivers the names of my dolls to me..whenever I create a doll, I wait to name them until it is brought to me..sounds kooky I know, but it happens just that way..I have named a few of my dolls before they were even created..having a specific type of doll in mind to sculpt..and EVERY single time, the doll will not turn out as I invisioned, and the name I chose will never fit.. It makes me sad to think fairies are not real..magic is just that..magic..illusions are man made! xoxox Christel

  17. Tried to comment earlier but blogger won't let me if I need to pick how...gotta sing in first and then it goes back to make me sign in again...

    Anyway, I believe there are many, many things we don't understand but believe in. Like Fairies. And soul mates... :)

    I tried to get on the site to see my Fairie name but my Security thing told me that site was known to have virus and malware, so I had to leave it. They ruin all the fun!

    Have a great week Jo..

  18. There is a 'fairy ring' that appears here at certain times of the year and plenty of fungi for them to do their dancing on and about.

  19. Of course, i believe : ) Here is my fairt name-
    Nettle Goblinfrost
    She brings riches and wealth.
    She lives in brambles and blackberry bushes.
    She can only be seen during the first snow of winter.
    She wears purple and green like berries and leaves and has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

  20. Sweet Josette~ I will email you an interesting story from my grandmother's book on fairies if you like. They just may exist. ;)
    I love your fairy name!
    Lots of hugs Rosemary...X
    P.S. I knew you would get my former name.

  21. I love the idea of fairies and am fanciful enough to believe they exist. My fairy name is Columbine Icefly. I love it.

  22. Yay Jo...beautiful gorgeous...and so magical! know you don't have to ask me..ha ha!! Love your fairy awesome!! I have been fascinated by them since i was child..and even on a visit to childlike imagination showed me different i began to draw was blown away there Italian Faeires too ha ha! I have a strong draw to nature..and in essence everything has a spirit or energy to fairies i feel are one way one can percieve that essence. Fairies in some written material are considered to be a certain energy essence that one day evolves to the realm of becoming angels. All very interesting! and many are conected to different elements..water earth air fire..etc..and so many different cultures have different info on is pretty interesting! I love painting them...and connetcing with what i is fun!

    The very most important place they in your heart..where all the magic is! YOu totally rock a fairy are so joyfilled and giving and a super- generous spirit and friend!

    One of my fave books of fairy an old one..but i love all on Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker..don't know if you have it..but it is so sweet and beautiful..poetry and art!Very nice!

    well that wa s fun post...thanks for sharing the magic!
    HUgs and sparkles Fairy Friend!

  23. Oh you know my answer already. ;-) I love the description for Bindweed Rainbowfilter. How adorable! I could not picture your wings as anything but colorful and I'll bet the petals of your skirt fall from the sweetest smelling roses in the land.

    I was raised believing in fairies and seeing their magic everywhere. What is wonderful about these little creatures is that when you start believing and paying more attention to their possibilities, you will notice many little gifts they leave behind or a treasured plant that is flourishing though you have done nothing different or special to it. I wish I knew of books or a specific site to refer you to, but at the moment I am drawing a blank. Should I stumble upon one, I will come back and let you know. Sending you many fairy blessings, my sweet friend.


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