Monday, July 4, 2011

EVERYONE HAS A STORY TO TELL............................

We all have stories.  Are you the type of person who thinks your's isn't worth telling?  

One day, while visiting my beautiful aunt Ruthie in Kansas, we were talking about blogging.  I commented that I wasn't exactly sure why I started my blog; and my aunt piped up and made this statement.   "I know why you want the world to know that you existed."  Perhaps that is it.  Oh....there are other reasons but I do think she may have hit a vein there.

Our stories matter...and they matter to more people than just close family or friends.  They matter to the world out there.

Your story....told through your matter what your blog is about will touch someone else today.

If you told your story ~~ what would it be about?

Your adventure
Your humor
Your survival
Your creativity
Your romance
Your illness
Your growth
Your happiness
Your soul searching
Your everyday life
Your pet's life
Your recipes
Your decorating

Just to name a few.....there are so many things you can make your story about.  Let's all of us just remember that we touch other people on a daily basis with our stories and each of our stories can CHANGE someone's life for the better or worse.

I for one....hope I choose wisely with mine.

Have a beautiful day dear friends,



  1. I have really enjoyed going along with you and your story, even though I have not commented much lately I am still here.

  2. I often feel like my story is really just a travelogue and I wonder why I keep it going. Sharing my feelings and my heart are not easy for me to do and I usually find most of the rest of my life pretty boring. But I hope that sometime, somehow, I can have a post that someone will like as much as I liked yours today. Thank you.

  3. Dear Jo, Great post! Sounds as if your aunt has insight. I also believe there is a valuable story in everyones life. I have met SO many truly wonderful people through my blog, that I would have never known otherwise!Although I don't comment as often as I should, I do read everyones blog post that I follow. I am always taken to an enchanting soft place when visiting your blog. Your beautiful soul shines through..and you know what Jo,'s perfectly fine to brag once in awhile! I have BEAUTIFUL children..inside and out! teehee..they all take after Mom! ..just kidding about taking after Mom, but you get my meaning. Your photos of your home are always so inviting, and warm..a very lovely home..I see absolutely NOTHING wrong in showing the things that you care about, and the things that bring you joy...after all it is YOUR blog! Have a wonderful week, and again, I enjoyed this post so much! xoxox Christel

  4. I have found the most amazing friends and support through blogging...I'm so please our bloggy paths have crossed! take care..;j

  5. I don't know exactly why I have started my blog,I suppose that my spirit is very alone and needs friends, love and creativity.I believe I can help who needs my help,with gentle words and my friendship.

  6. JO that was so very beautifully said & I couldn't agree more. Everybody has a story and just as you have explained, what we see, read & feel can change who we were before we read it. It may open our eyes and our minds to a world that we did not know existed before. It could show us that we are not alone in our struggles, that there are others out there experiencing the same sorts of things. A lovely post Jo!

  7. Lovely post... Sort of makes me feel like What would the world be like if I had never been born?? Sort of like on It's A Wonderful Life ! !
    Have a Great Week!!

  8. So many times I find that we've been sharing the same thoughts. My post today is about existence as well, perhaps not in the same concept, but existence nonetheless. Hoping you had a great holiday.

  9. Dear Jo,
    I would agree that everyone has a story to tell and everyone's story matters. I wonder how often we think about the impact that our stories have with those who read them. Do they bring laughter and joy, or even a sense of peacefulness? Great post!
    ~Hugs, M

  10. Hi Jo... my stories on my blog are about whatever I am feeling at that particular moment... I always try to post happy things, as that is what I want to read on others blogs... life is too short... don't want to be unhappy or around negative people... my favorite posts are when the blogger writes about day to day goings ons... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. Sometimes I think "my story" is just blah/blah/blah... but I'm sure it will weave itself together one day. Thanks for your encouraging comments. Alas, it's now muggy and hot. What happened to that dry heat? ;o)

  12. Perfect post at the perfect time. I was just trying to explain to a follower on my blog why I blog and she has an amazing sense of humor so I suggested she start a blog. She says her life is too boring. Well, who's isn't from time to time? I'll tell you, blogging keeps it interesting and every once in a while, I try something new that I never thought I would do, just to be able to blog about it. Have a great day!

  13. It's true we all can touch someone's life and never know what a difference words can make to someone. Thanks for sharing your story : )

  14. Great insight as always Jo. I love your list and as far as what my blogging is about from that list...all of the above. So glad I'm part of your existence :)

  15. This is beautiful! Well said!

  16. So encouraging to read these things! I know for myself blogging has taken a different turn than I anticipated, and I have been on the verge of just shutting my blog down and scrapping the whole thing. As I don't have an Etsy presence, I'm not an expert on any subject such as quilting or cooking or ... well, anything!...I sometimes wonder why I blog. I guess you just hit the nail on the head for me! What matters is that I'm happy with what I post, that it could be a benefit to someone else, and I enjoy it!

  17. Your stories always leave me feeling rewarded for having read them, Jo. I know my world is richer to have shared yours.

  18. What a profound Post, yes, everyone does have a Story to tell... and perhaps that is why I've been drawn so magnetically to the Land Of Blog... I adore hearing someone's Story... and it is also nice to tell our own isn't it?

    Happy 4th of July Birthday to your Daughter... hope the dual Celebration was magical and memorable for you all!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. I never thought of it like that but it IS a good point! :)


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