Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Who knew Texas would be so very beautiful!!  I've posted before about how beautiful our country is and how fortunate I feel to be able to see parts of it.

Well, Texas is no exception.  We are staying at Buckhorn Lake Resort about 7 miles out of Kerrville.

This is a picture of one of the beautiful coaches we are parked next to.  I love the fact that they fly the Texas and Mexico and U. S. flags at this resort.  I took a class this fall on our relationship with Mexico, and the instructor felt that our most important relationship as far as foreign relations go is with Mexico.  I think  I agree.  Even though, here in AZ, we are in the press about our immigrant situation.....I still feel like the Hispanic population is extremely important to our well being.

Can you believe all the wild flowers?  I hope these are a result of Lady Bird's efforts to beautiful this wonderful state.  There are just miles and miles of them.

Had to include just a little more local color in one of the towns we passed thru.

The first night we arrived we were welcomed by a HUGE thunderstorm......you know they do everything bigger in Texas!!  (O: (O:

But today, is sunny and beautiful, clear skies and fairly comfortable.


Blessings to all,



  1. Have a wonderful time Jo!!


  2. Hello Jo, and thanks for visiting me today from Texas! Your photos are gorgeous and I am so happy you are having a good time! I LOVE Texas, and I especially love all of their wildflowers... I have Ladybird Johnson's book "Wildflowers Across America" and I am in awe of all she did to preserve the beauty of wildflowers not just in Texas, but all across this beautiful country of ours... have a fun day today... I can't wait to see more of your pictures! xoxo Julie Marie

  3. HI!!!!
    SO happy to meet you, another AZ blogger!!!!
    I have had the great pleasure of seeing all 50 states!!!My to do list before turning 50 2 years ago!!!!I have traveled all across the state of TEXAS, although VERY LARGE, it has some GREAT things to see and do!!!It is very pretty and lots of green rolling hills!!!!!
    My fave is San ANtonio, love the Alamo, and the Riverwalk!!!!
    Lots to see and do
    enjoy your summer, I cannot wait til we retire and do the same, travel all over!!!!!
    pop back in and stay awhile!!!!
    I'll do the same!!!

  4. Hey you two!!!!! It looks incredible! Keep those photos coming...and enjoy yourselves! I have everyhting here under control! LOL
    I am glad we talked today! Love you both! Sandy

  5. Safe travels and yes it is wonderful to see the countryside. Happy enjoying...

  6. Lovely pictures, I can see why you love Texas! Karen x

  7. I've never been to Texas but having met so many bloggers from there, I'm eager to visit. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!! :-)


  8. Looks like you are having a great time and enjoying all the beauty of Texas.

    Keep having fun!


  9. Deaest Jo! Thank you soooo much for coming by and leaving such kindness in your wake!!!! And your blog post...I would have never thought of Texas as a destination, but I can see by your photos that there is a diverse landscape. I enjoy lush green to desert and I have always thought of the Southwest as being totally desert! I grew up in S. Calif. and that was enough heat and dryness for me!

    WOnderful photos and please, show us more!!! Have a lovely evening. Anita

  10. I've only been to Dallas, Texas as you might have read my story post about it a few weeks back. I have never seen the Texas Hill country and it looks beautiful thru your pictures. They always talk about the wild flowers! Hope you time there is warm and sunny. Here in the Midwest it is cool and damp!

  11. Even though I'm a Cajun in Louisiana, I'm ALWAYS bragging on Texas!!! It is a beautiful state!!!!
    I'm so happy you are enjoying your stay. Those are some beautiful photos and I'm looking forward to hearing more of your trip :)

  12. SO glad you are having fun, Jo!


    Sheila :-)

  13. Great photos...never been to Texas but would love to visit some day!!!

    Have a wonderful time...

  14. Hi Jo!
    How wonderful that you're in my neck of the woods! And thank you so much for popping in and visiting my booth, I only wish I had been off work to meet you there.

    How much longer will you be in the area? Maybe I can arrange to leave work early and meet up with y'all.


  15. Hi Jo, Glad you're back and that Texas was all you hoped it would be. There is much beauty there indeed. I was born in east Texas but made my way over next door to Louisiana and love it so much more as I've been here all my life so it is home. What a wonderful trip you shared with us.


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