Friday, May 28, 2010

"DINERS, DRIVE-INS, AND DIVES"..................

OK......... what is a cross country trip if you are not constantly figuring out where your next meal will be?  Sweet hubby and I are no different.  We have managed to stop in some sweet little,  if not caloric laden,  places along this wonderful trip thru Texas.

This is the wonderful BLUE BONNET CAFE, which is an institution in the wonderful little town of Marble Falls, Texas.  It has been here 81 years and they are famous for guess what?????  You guessed it!!!!  PIE

Have you ever seen such a beautiful thing???  These pies are the Mt. Rainier of pies!!!!
The pies must be l2" high, I didn't have my trusty tape measure so I couldn't verify my guess.  (O: (O:

The two biggest ones are chocolate cream and lemon, we had neither,
 opting for the wonderful coconut cream and banana cream!!!yummmmmmmmm

And if that isn't enough they are also noted for their Chicken Fried Steak.
I  think there must be more Chicken Fried Steak in Texas than anywhere else on the planet

Another little funky place we passed along the way.....the sign made me smile!!
And, if that weren't enough...........
Oh, lest I forget, BAR-B-QUE.  We drove all the way to Llano, to see this little beauty.

Now.,.......there are also some sweet little antique shops in Llano, and I did do a little bit of looking and shopping, but we mostly went there to EAT!!!!

Even took some take-out for the next day!!  All the locals filled us in on how to make it and what sauce to use with what.

No, this isn't an add for the Food Network (O: (O:  but part of the fun of traveling is eating in little places and having great stories to share

 I need to close now and make sure I have enough Gavisacon 
for the rest of the trip.  HAAAAA!!!!!HAAAAAAAA!!!

Want to apologize for not visiting each of you as much as normal, we have limited WI-FI service on this coach and it makes it a little difficult for me to always have dependable inter-net service.

Bye Ya'all


  1. OK....I am totally jealous!!!!! Next time you go where there are these many wonderful stops I am going to, OK????? Brother.... deal with it! :) Now, I tried to imagine you with a Texasdrawl....ANI'T happenin" LOL :):):)

  2. I am pretty sure that I've seen THAT particular cafe with the pies on Food Network! It would be so hard not to order at least five kinds just to sample! Sounds like a fun trip and a perfect way to spend Memorial weekend. Enjoy! xx P&H

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  4. Oh sigh, I remember the days when a little trip, meant the JOY of eating out. Really, eating was certainly part of the fun.

    But with all my eating restrictions now, we hardy even go out to eat, locally. -sob- Don' I sound pitiful? -grin-

    Memorial Day Weekend, may it be well with you.

  5. Love road trips and you are exactly right, where to eat is of great importance! We have had the famous Cooper's BBQ!

    Have a wonderful and happy weekend!


  6. Looks like a wonderful place to eat! Those pies are amazing!

    Have a beautiful trip!


  7. My mouth is watering over all this food!!
    Texas looks like a fun place!
    Your taking fantastic photos!!!
    Keep um coming!!
    Pamela xo

  8. Those pies look so yummy! Nice pictures. And it sounds like you are having a nice time.


  9. Hey Jo, I'm finally taking time to do the important thing in life...visit blog friends. And here you are on a road trip to Texas! How fun for you, and us as you share it. I've missed you too Jo. I'm finally getting back to having some time for me, so I'll ride along with you now and drool at all the Texas Eye Candy! Thanks Darlin (o:

  10. I would have opted for the chocolate pie! wow...those are some huge pastry creations!!!

    thanks for visiting me!

    have a great weekend!
    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  11. Oh this is great!! I love places like this. They are the best! Have fun!
    Hugs, Lisa

  12. HI!!!!
    Did you visit Plano or Llano????
    I have been to Plano but not Llano. SO was just curious, Plano is a very nice town outside of Dallas.
    I love cafe, diners and just anything different and not a name brand place, no such places for us when on vacation, we love all the local mom and pop kind of places!!!!!
    Those pies made my mouth water!!!!!

  13. Mimi....We visited is in the Hill country and is not close to Dallas.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  14. Oh what Fun Jo...loving the signs and does that one say "Pie Happy Hour?" cool is that?!


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