Monday, May 31, 2010

TEXAS TREASURES...............

We all have heard about the great antique shopping out in the HILL COUNTRY of Texas.

Well.......I did manage to pick up a few little TREASURES in Kerrville, Fredericksberg and Llano.

The porcelain glove mold I found at Anne's shop in Kerrville......she does a  blog called FIONA AND TWIG and if you haven't visited her you can find her by clicking as shown. The pearls and silver sugar bowl I also found in the same antique mall......but not in Anne's shop.  All these things were priced for a song and it was a beautiful mall with lots of booths and selections.

The soap was purchased at the Peachtree Cafe  in Fredericksberg.....if you are ever in that area......lunch THERE IS A MUST.  

......the lovely royal blue full slip and little hat were purchased in a little out of the way place in Llano .  I bought them for my mannequin, Minnette,........every girl needs a new change of clothes once in a while.  (O: (O:  It ALSO FITS ME!!!!  to my surprise and delight.  Don't know when I would use it.........but a girl can dream!

Lastly.......I love lavender, in fact I grow it at home in abundance.  There is a lavender farm outside Fredericksberg that is a must see if you are ever in the area.

Not only is lavender a lovely fragrance to have on the R.V......I can REUSE the little  bags and refill them at home when needed.

Didn't spend a lot.......but found some things that will fit into my life nicely.

Once again, thanks to those of you who have followed along on my little trip to Texas, it has certainly been fun to share it with you.  I do apologize, again, for not being able to visit each of you as much as I would like, but it is extremely difficult for me to hop from blog to blog with all the downloading time involved,  it seems as tho the WI-FI is not very efficient with this.

Blessings to all,



  1. Dear Jo

    What a wonderful vacation you have had and such beautiful treasures.. I love that slip, Oh I love everything.. Lavender is one of my favorites also. I I have grown english, french, cotton lavender but have never seen a white lavender until last week. I just had to buy a few... I cannot wait to see the blooms.
    The lavender bags you have featured here are just beautiful..
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip.
    Enjoy your evening

  2. HI!!!!
    ALl your new goodies are wonderful and you will cherish them for years as they will be reminders of this great trip!!!!!
    Lots to enjoy here!!!!
    how long were you gone and what routes did you take????

  3. Oh Josette, great finds!! I love shopping in the Hill Country, was just in Fredricksburg yesterday, had a girls day out with my daughter and granddaughter! The best of times is shopping in the Hill Country, you are right, you don't have to spend much, however, you sure can!!


  4. Jo you hit the jackpot! Anne is such a delight! She is a lovely woman with a terrific blog and a good heart! Glad you had so much fun but I wish I had told you of the postcard exchange! You still can join me! Thanks and blessings to you and yours today and everyday!

    I like the glove form. I love the new outfit for your gal! Very chic!


  5. Hi Jo!
    What a small world that you found Anne! I've been a follower of hers since i started blogging. When you mentioned Hills country in Texas i said to myself i wonder if she'll meet Anne? Life is funny.
    I had a good time on your trip!
    Pamela xo

  6. Hello Jo, I knew you would love Hill Country! You got some fabulous treasures, I love the blue slip, and you will look stunning in it! It has been alot of fun "travelling" along with you... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. I have never been there, but it looks like a great trip and some good finds. Sandie

  8. I am SO thrilled that you grabbed the glove mold! I wasn't sure if that was you or not. I picked up 5 of them in Warrenton, aren't they fun?

    Looks like you got some great stuff!

    Love ya!

  9. Hi Jo,

    Are you back yet, or is this just the beginning? I didn't know you are a snowbird, I just assumed you lived here all the time. How wonderful to travel as you do. I guess it will be up to chance when we get together again. Take care, and travel well,


  10. Love following your trip and I too love to pick up little treasures. Sometimes they mean more than the big ones.

  11. What a beautiful post, so many wonderful things you have found.

  12. Oh Jo I am so glad we all get to come along on your vacation. I have loved every minute of it!


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