Tuesday, May 11, 2010


  I have posted before of my love of pretty shiny  things.  I think they make a room come to life.

Today, I'm going to share just a little something I put together while cleaning out the cupboards in my Laundry Room..  See the little jars......they are from yogurt I purchased at Trader Joe's....and the tops are from a chandelier/candle holder that I took apart.

The baubles on the right are also from the same chandelier.

I also wanted to learn how to mess round with picture placement today.....that was a learning experience.

Below is a pic I took while looking into a old French mirrored screen I have
in the living room. It is a little 
dark......but you get the idea.

And last by not least...a photo of the Budda  in front of an old chippey mirror I found at a shop in Kansas.

Each time I look at him, I am reminded to stay in the 
PRESENT.....not an easy thing to do!!

Have a great Tuesday dear friends.


P.s. don't know what happened with my signature, guess I'll have to figure that one out too!!!   (O:  (O:


  1. Hi Jo,

    What a lovely post, and I love what you did with those yogurt jars......very inventive. We had a lot of fun last night, but I'm recouperating today!


  2. Hello,dear JO!-)*

    What a beautiful photos do you makes...
    I enjoy it always when I see you very special style to making photos and how nice you can manege all images!!!
    Just beyond nice:-)))*

    My Love and care,

  3. you know what - I never thought of it before, but those shiney things did bring the room to life. sandie

  4. Oh! Jo,
    I have found a treasure of a post. You have a fantastic header, infact your entire post is wonderful.. So glad you stopped in to see me.


  5. Hello Jo... I love all of your pretty shiny things! They are just beautiful, and I also love your marble countertops... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. So lovely! I love pretty shiny things too! All of your photos are beautiful!


  7. Great photos I like how you used the yogurt jars...your photos are truly interestingly unique!!!


  8. who doesn't like sparkle and glamore...? it's so pretty! thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  9. Your jars and chandelier findings are very awesome. I love shiny and pretty things also. Your photo altering looks very interesting.

  10. Well you are talented and thrifty! Love your new look and your great pictures!!

  11. Who doesn't love the pretty shiny things. Every room needs a little sparkle. So do we.

  12. Jo
    Just wanted to let you know that your story was posted last night on my site....I tried to leave a comment last night but was interrupted...
    Hope you doing well

  13. Ohhhhhhh just beeeeeeeeeutiful! I love pretty, shiny things too!!!

    And lovely photos of pretty, shiny things.


  14. What a beautiful blog ya have here. This Ozark farm chick just popped over from Maggie's and am so very glad I did. I loved the life story you left over at Magg's.

    From the windy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  15. I love all your photo's, they are gorgeous!!! I wanted to thank you for entering our purse giveaway, and for you sweet comment! I love your blog, and have joined as a follower. I will visit again soon!!! Blessings to you~~~Daphne

  16. I hopped over from Maggie's blog. Sure enjoyed reading your story and what a great encouragement you are to others.

    Loved your shiny things and the pictures.

    I have become a follower of your blog and I look forward to getting to know you and read more of your posts. Hugs

  17. Just stopping by to say hello from Maggie's. I read your guest post there and wanted to come and meet you :)

  18. As I've said before Jo...your taste in decor is outstanding...could you possibly be a interior designer? If not...you should be. You are truly a gifted and obviously strong person...very much to be admired.


  19. Your little jars are beauties. I love seeing what others do in altering items and re-purposing. Glorious photography. Come enter my giveaway! XMollye

  20. Bonjour Josette,

    Your photography skills are way better than mine. You have captured the "twinkle" factor. I love those jars. They are very unusual. Thanks for sharing.


  21. Hi Josette, I just wanted to come by for a visit to see your lovely blog again. I love all your pretty shiny things, too! They are so beautiful, thank you for sharing another lovely post.

  22. Hi, thank you so much for your kind words on my post!!! I will be back as soon as I recover from this flu xxx

  23. Morn' Jo, I just wanted to pop over and thank you for your sweet comment and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy he ride!

    God bless your day and in the words of that silly old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear???"

  24. I never thought of it but I too love shiny things and they do bring a room to life. Very creative use of yogurt jars and I have only one of those chandlier/candle thingys. I use it like a cloche sometimes. But I love your idea! Crows like shiny objects they say...

  25. I LOVE Sparkly shiny things! And what you did with those jars was too clever...really! enough now! :D I can't believe how I get so stuck on this blog because every single post I see I want to read.....I really do love this one, its one of my favorite place.....not to mention how gorgeous your photo are too.....you're just too talented for words. Now what's that post I just saw about you being 'too cranky today'?? oy.


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