Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SPRING HAS SPRUNG.....................................

Well.....springtime is finally here in this part of the country....just mild days....and cool, cool nights.  Here is a shot of my first Iris of the season.  I have them in my  beds with my roses and Lavender.

I am always amazed at how they spread all by themselves.  This is the kind of gardening I like "volunteer gardening" is what I call it.  I only have purple Iris....but when they all bloom...it does take your breath away.

In closing today...wanted to show you a small photograph that was purchased in Ganges on Salt Spring Island...many years ago.  It is from the Lumina Gallery there....don't know if they are still around...but this piece struck me even then.

Isn't it amazing how everyone sees things so differently.  I loved the treatment of this Iris...and I'm sorry can't remember the artist's name.  Do any of my Canadian followers know who this is....it was a beautiful woman with such a distinctive style all her own.

She had several large pieces for sale....but we were there on our boat and there was no way we could bring them back home.  So....I purchased this little piece of wonder as a fond memory and a beautiful piece of work.

Hugs from my place to yours,

BTW.......I apologize for not visiting much....been pretty busy with a grandson and a puppy......(O:(O:(O:


  1. I love volunteer plants as well, the artist I'm not sure about but I love the iris, its lovely,

  2. Your 1st Iris of the season is beautiful. It is one of my favorite garden flowers!
    Have a great day!
    Always, Queenie

  3. Don't you just love spring? That flower is beautiful.

  4. Jo- What beautiful images here and I love that litrle piece of art work you carried home with you. xo Diana

  5. Your Iris are all beautiful Jo... we always called them Flags when I was growing up... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Your photos are so beautiful.
    Grandsons and a puppy are very special things!!!
    Smiles, Dottie

  7. Soory, I don't know the artist, but what a beautiful photo, and your gorgeous Iris' do indeed take ones breath away! Purple is so regal, and demands to be noticed! Wonderful post Jo, such beautiful flowers. I am looking forward to seeing my 5 petal wild roses bloom, along with my wild honeysuckle, sweet williams, and wild morning glories that travel up the guide wire that flanks our outdoor yard light..they are blue, and simply stunning in the early dew!along side them, along the fence row, we have wild blackberries..they too are so pretty when in bloom. We have several wild dogwoods that frame our property, strinking is how I describe them.xoxoox Christel

  8. I've always known them as Flags! And I love them as much as you do. Them little boys are always a handful,and so worth it:) Enjoy your spring my sweet friend...

  9. That's a beautiful painting............Iris have a special place in my heart as my Grandma had an Iris Farm.(still in existance today). I love the way they smell, and there are some that smell like rootbeer to me. Oddly enough, I don't have any. You have inspired me to get some. Thank you.

    Happy Easter to you.....................

  10. Grandson and a puppy--that will keep you busy and away from the computer! Enjoy! There is a gorgeous iris farm near Portland. A friend and I like to go see it when everything is in bloom. So magnificent.


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