Thursday, April 19, 2012

CREATING CHANGE.............................

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."
Viktor Frankl

I am an an avid reader of the morning paper.....yes...I hold the paper in my hands and sit down with my coffee and have a little time in the morning to see what is going on in the world and my community.

Sometimes the news is "good" but more often than not it is "not so good."

When I'm finished reading I often can I help this troubled planet and the people on it.....I'm just one individual and we are talking about "MAJOR" issues.
After reflecting on this a while this is the conclusion I came to.....all of us on the blogging bandwagon are attempting to make this world a kinder, prettier, gentler place.  Oh we have our bad days and sometimes just need to vent...but for the most part....posts are positive, uplifting, just telling our day to day stories or showing our wonderful creativity.  Unlike facebook or twitter....posts are almost always filled with "beauty".....that DOES COUNT FOR SOMETHING.

Here is a recent horoscope reading for Libra and it applies to all of us...I believe....
"Find creative inspiration.  It is not an indulgence so much as a way for you to save the world."  I don't know if it will save the world....but I do know that anything beautiful is worth seeing and will make one's "heart sing".

Big hugs to each and every one of you today and everyday.



  1. What a great post. I love blogging, although some days I do a little ranting or get some things off my chest, but that's because I feel close to all of you. Facebook is too informal, for lack of a better word. Who really wants the entire world to know what you are doing over the weekend?

    Ha, I remember the day a co-worker called in sick and then put it on Facebook that she had decided to start her vacation a day early and was on her way to the airport. Word got around because everyone at work has Facebook, except for me. That doesn't happen with Blogging.

  2. J0-I am a coffee and morning paper kind of gal, too. I am so with you about blogging being such a positive and uplifting outlet. xo Diana

  3. what a beautiful inspirational post, yes yes, thats what we're doing, making this world one post at a time! I know my day is better for just reading your post today!

  4. Loved this and sending Hugs right back at you, Jo!

  5. Any photo that makes one smile has to be good and those roses certainly did. Take care Diane

  6. Thanks for an inspirational blog, Jo! Love it.

  7. This post touched me, as they usually do. Love the quote at the beginning...sometimes that's all we can do.


  8. thank you for your beginning quote. your post is uplifting and inspirational for me and as you can tell by the comments, you have touched others.
    beautiful roses :0)

  9. Hello Jo,
    Your post is just right. I think that blogland does bring much beauty to the world. The quote too, is so good! Many years ago it was popular to say "bloom where you are planted" and I think this really fits with your post. If you bloom where you are, you will be loving yourself, and adding more love and beauty to the entire world!

  10. And a hug to you, too, Jo! You're so right. If we can inspire each other, we can change the world in small but important ways, certainly by bringing some beauty and joy and hope to a world where ugliness too often grabs the headlines.

  11. This is so so so true! "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

  12. Hugs to you too Jo. It is so nice to be able to appreciate beauty where ever I may find it, including your blog.


  13. i connect with the libra horoscope, a keen observation on your part, and thank you so much!

    happy everything!

    many time i think the changes is up to usl

    I would like to copy this if it is okay with you, the horoscope.

    great encouraging post.....creative inspiration, saving the world, post by post.

  14. Dear Jo, as always, a beautiful and inspiring, as well as thought provoking, post! I recently opted to opt out of the facebook's (for me) a bunch of garbage, and a complete, and total waste of my time. Blogger however, is a place I love to spend a few moments every day to feed my soul, enrich my day,laugh, and even sometimes cry. It's all good, and yes we vent at times, but I believe I have found true kinship, and sistership among many of you, this can only be a good thing, in fact, it does make our world a better place. xoxo Christel


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