Monday, April 16, 2012


"Patience is waiting. Not Passively waiting~~that is laziness.  But to keep going when the going is hard and slow~~that is patience."

I have not always been the most patient of souls.  In fact, when I was younger I'll admit I had very little patience....and that has come back to haunt me in more ways than one. life has a way of slowing even the most impatient of us down.....I find lately that I have acquired more patience than I ever dreamed possible.

Anything worth worth waiting for is an old saying I have heard and repeated often.

I believe that in the U.S......the "land of immediate gratification" patience is often placed on the back burner because of having to "keep up with the Jones's and the ease of charging everything" thereby never having to wait for anything.

I'm not sure this has served us well....I certainly believe that I have benefited greatly by being able to wait until the time is obtain whatever my heart's desire happens to be at the time.  You is always in accordance with our Creator and the Universe. More often than HEART'S DESIRE arrives at just the right time in the grand scheme of things.

How do you feel about this dear friends?

hugs today,


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  1. This is a very good reminder. I agree completley. I do still struggle with patience but mostly with being patient with myself.

  2. J0- I do believe patience is a virtue...and I, too, have learned to be more patient the older I get. This is a good, thought provoking post today- xo Diana

  3. things are always worth waiting for, everything in its own time right, I like the way you wrote this, very true.

  4. Do you know the little song:

    Have patience
    have patience
    don't be in such a hurry
    when you get impatient
    it only causes worry

    that God is patient too
    just think of all other times when others
    had to wait for you!

    I sing it to myself when I need to and I sang it to my kids when they were teens! They of course hated that!

  5. Age has certainly changed me. Like you, I was so impatient in my youth. I wanted it and 'I wanted it now'. Today I've most certainly slowed down. To be honest, I've been forced to slow down, but what a gift it has been. I'm seeing things around me as if for the first time.

  6. I am not very good at waiting, but in my life I have had too. Waiting is not fun!!!.I have learned to wait and not to want so very much.
    I have learned simple is good!!!
    Smiles, Dottie

  7. Sweet Jo, I think that you are spot on with this one. As we get older, we tend to slow down and patience seems to follow suite. Hoping you are doing well my friend! xoxo

  8. Very wise words, Jo. I am much more patient now than when I was younger. Life's lessons work wonders. Another thought provoking post!


  9. I think my position on patience is very much in keeping with yours.
    EVEN THOUGH...sometimes I don't follow through well with what I KNOW needs to be done
    Truly...if we wait.......for the RIGHT time..........the rewards are best

  10. Hi Joe! That's a great quote about the difference between patience and just waiting. I don't think patience is trained in very well these days. And it's a challenging trait to acquire! Good thought here!

  11. Let me tell you, Jo-I have been patiently waiting for the love of my life to finally ask me to marry him! Many things are in our way, and I have been greatly discouraged at times, but I keep being patient and enjoying the life we have together. This is the most patient I have ever been in my life. We're talking years!

  12. Hello Jo,
    I have just joined your site.. I found you over at Michele's The nest at Finch rest.

    I see myself in your post. the saying goes " It all comes to ye who waits" and its true.
    but this is a process of nature. We are firey and wanting to do things as younger women.
    Its a learning process throughout the years.. I love this stage of life. If it happens it happens if it doest. Tomorrow is another day.
    nice post
    hope to see you my side..
    happy tuesday

  13. In some areas of my life I am very patient and I am certainly patient with others, BUT (a big but) in some areas I could sure use more patience. I keep praying for patience and the good Lord keeps trying to teach me by putting me in situations where I need patience (be careful what you wish for)! I am learning though and that's what counts. I love the top quote and I will use it for myself from now on. Thanks

  14. Hi Jo,
    Great post!
    I am a very patient person and have always been this way. My friends say" I have the patience of a Saint!" LOL
    I always answer, "Not in all cases!" I can't stand verbal and physical abuse! There my patience is VERY LIMITED!

  15. I am the same and agree completely! I am still waiting for many, many things to come my way...

  16. I want patience and I WANT IT NOW! LOL. No, just kidding. Patience is something that can be truly rewarding. Waiting, hoping, praying, listening, and watching.

    blessings to you,

  17. I wasn't always patient, but as my life gradually changed from being fear driven to being joy driven, I realized that impatience is often based in fear. I have become a more patient person, at least sometimes!

  18. A beautiful reminder.
    Thank you.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  19. I agree with you Jo. I think our hearts desires arrive in due time..we get what we need, and what we desire in different intervals..what we often times want is not in fact what we need at that time. I think we live in a land of material things, and those are not as important to me now that I am older, and hopefully, wiser. I too was an impatient younger person, but find that now, simple things in life, ie flowers, my grandchilds hand written note, or drawing, a day of grilling on the barbeque with my family, even if we are merely eating hamburgers, and hot dogs..those are the true gifts my hearts desire have waited on..don't you agree?

  20. Your blog is a work of art, very luxurious!

  21. Hello Jo, I agree - I am contemplating more and more the need to cultivate characteristics like patience and contentment....realizing it is more satisfying and more settling.
    I enjoyed my visit and am now your newest follower,

  22. I wholeheartedly agree. I think this world of instant gratification has gotten a lot of folks in trouble. And I only see things getting worse with the misuse of technology. I've not jumped on either bandwagon. Call me old fashioned -- I don't mind. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  23. Beautiful said! I believe in divine timing and letting the path unfold naturally..everything shows up at the perfect timing and in the most divine measure! I feel blessed and grateful for everything..


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