Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful roses from my rose gardens.  I have more than I know what to do with and deadheading and cutting is keeping me busy.

I bring in as many as I can and make arrangements....because once the heat starts they don't last long on the bush.

April and very early May is the short season for roses here.....at least that is how it is at our house.

I may get one more batch of beautiful blooms depending on the heat here....but I always enjoy them no matter how few or how many bloom.
In closing....I want to share information on a book I have been reading and enjoying to the fullest.

This book, by Diane Ackerman, is a gardner's dream book.  It is not a how to book about gardening...but it is rather a book about all the sensual delights she derives from her gardens during each season of the year.

It is beautifully written and her descriptions make you feel as though you are part of her magical world in her garden.....bugs and all. LOL LOL

If you are an avid gardner, as I am, I don't believe you will be disappointed with this wonderful read.  Treat yourself to this tidbit......us gardner's know another gardner when we read one.  (O:(O:

Hugs from here,



  1. Your roses are gorgeous! I love roses so much. The peace rose is one of my favorites.


  2. Those roses are simply gorgeous. I can just imagine how wonderful they must smell.

  3. I see we share some similar reading tastes: I bought that book too and now you are reminding me to read it. Your roses are overflowing with their beauty with your exuberant bouquets.

  4. I love, love, love roses! What a lucky gal you are, enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Absolutely breathtaking. The colors in your roses are gorgeous. We have a gal here in our park who loves to garden. She does what she can with containers - both for her flowers and her veggies. They are Canadians so another person here in the park adopted all her plants for the summer. She is just fun to watch as she tends to her plants cause she visits with them and scolds them. Love it.

  6. Oh my how lovely!!! I can't seem to grow roses they get all black spotty and the leaves fall off of them! I have not forgot the giveaway :O), just been slow to get them out :O).

  7. Your roses are gorgeous Jo!... you are way ahead of us... the book looks wonderful too, going to look for it on Amazon... I used to read her articles in the older Country Living mags... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. JO- Your flowers are just beautiful. It is wonderful to be able to have such wonderful gardens and then capture the essence of them in bouquets. xo Diana

  9. Oh Jo! These are beautiful....I think I can smell the heavenly fragrance.

  10. Really beautiful! Sigh. I've never had the luck of the roses the way my grandmother did. I'm a great veggie grower though - lol!

    That books sounds lovely - will have to look for it!

  11. Absolutely beautiful Jo, great photos
    You will know that roses are my favorite flower.
    Your arrangements are divine. I never tire of seeing beautiful arrangements.
    Thanks for passing by and leaving comments
    Happy Wednesday

  12. Beautiful roses, beautiful bouquets! I would love to have enough space to have so much flowers that I can bring them in the house all season long! And if it smells good, it's a dream come true! Have a nice week! 8)

  13. What a coincidence! in my country on April 23 is the Rosa confesses and book (Sant Jordi), the man gives a rose to the Lady and women a book unto the Lord.
    Your roses are beautiful. Saludos

  14. Oh my your roses are gorgeous. I would love to have rose bushes but I only have a black thumb, wish it was green, but no luck. I don't even know how to plant anything. I love looking at beautiful gardens. That's the closest I get.

  15. I can smell their fragrance from here!

  16. I wish I can figure out how to grow roses in south florida...I love them. Yours from the garden, are indescribably radiant and the wax flowers are a perfect jeweled accent! I had no idea there was such a thing as "garden novels"! what a concept! sounds like I could use a book right about now...after a brief search on who Diane A. is, I just bought the book for a penny on amazon....for there is nothing so comforting and validating as hearing such lyrical descriptions of what is sensed from gardens and gardening by another gardener! thanking you.

  17. Your roses are absolutely beautiful! As you know by now, we have a few rose bushes in our yard, but we've yet to accumulate as much in the way of blooms at one time as you have. Just gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Jo~Hugs, xoxo

  18. I love roses and yours are beautiful. I can't grow them here.....
    I have given up because of the deer....But I love seeing yours!


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