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Today I'm joining lots of ladies to celebrate a little trip to Paris.  The beautiful Anita of Castle's Crowns and Cottages is our gracious host.  Please visit her to see all the other wonderful bloggers who are sharing their story.

In 2007, my beautiful soul mate and I were fortunate enough to take a cruise down the Seine.  We were joined by long time friends for this cruise...beginning in Paris...and stopping at the various artist's colonies along the river.

We had three wonderful days in Paris.  Now...we all know...three days is NOT NEARLY long enough to see this wonderful city.  One could live there..and still not be able to see all it's wonders. are a few photos of my adventure....Hopefully, I won't bore you to death with these.  LOL

At the airport waiting for our flight,  it is obviously a long if you travel...there....wear comfortable clothing.
I know we all think France is the "fashion capitol" of the world...but while traveling ~~ comfort is a MUST.  Shoes especially.....WEAR COMFORTABLE will be doing A LOT of walking.

Picture of our ship....this is a little further down the river in front of one of the sweet villages along the way.

Now...just a few shots of some of the things we were able to visit:

The Champs Elysees lined with specialty shops and boutiques....a shopper's mecca. It means "The Elysian Fields" named after the place of the blessed in Greek mythology.  The Arc de Triomphe stands over 165 feet high and is 45 meters wide.  The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the First World War lies beneath the Arc.

Next....the Eiffel Tower~~which stands 81 stories high.
(Gads...what a horrible picture of "fluffy" me) LOL

Notre Dame Cathedral~~they were doing repair work on the cathedral while we were there so inside visitation was very limited.

Various Paris streets and architecture...

The Louvre courtyard entrance

Wider shot of  the Louvre

Inside the the atrium before heading into the actual museum.  You are NOT allowed to take any photos inside the actual all my pictures are of the surrounding atrium area.

"Winged Victory"

"The Muses"

We were also able to visit Montmarte Hill;
the artist colony of early Paris.  It was located away from the city during the reigns of the Louie's. It is also the part of Paris that housed many of the "Impressionist" artists and writers during the l900's when the place "to be" was PARIS.

when you first walk up the hill into the village on your right is the beautiful La Sacre Couir

This was located at the entrance of our Montmarte Hill...called Mouline de La Gallette

interesting art along the walk...La Passe Muraille

A little bistro along our stroll.  During the city's early years Monmartte was full of grape was actually out in the country.

We connected  with friend's living in Paris.
They took us to the islands "de la Cite" and "I'ile St Louis".
These two islands were the original location of the city in the l600 and 1700's. Through the various Kings the city expanded to what is known now as "the right bank" and "the left bank".

We attended a wonderful concert in the cathedral San Chapel, located in I'ile St Louis  It was a free of so many that are held all the time around this wonderful city.

It was a late afternoon concert and I was able to get a shot of the marvelous stained glass window.

More pictures of architecture on this lovely island....the king's favorites and loyal servants would have lived in these apartments.

It was a wonderful adventure for us....full of history....and information.  

I know many of you ladies are enthralled with the French and their sense of shows in everything they do.  But....should you ever have a chance to go to Paris...I encourage you to LEARN about the history of this wonderful city....the flea markets are great.....but the HISTORY IS GLORIOUS.

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey today....again..I encourage you to visit all the other wonderful ladies on their Paris visits.




  1. What great pictures. Looks like you had a lovely time and got to see lots of things while you were there. I was there briefly many years ago but didn't get to see any of the famous sights. Thank you for sharing the pictures I enjoyed seeing them. Have a wonderful and safe weekend sweet Jo. Hugs

  2. Thank you for taking us along on your 3 day saw quite a bit and I can tell you are enthralled with the history of this beautiful city! And what a rich history it is. Really lovely pictures, too, Jo! You look beautiful!


  3. Three days only??? I wouldn't leave. Dream trip here. :) Oh the photographs are so beautiful I really must make a point of getting out more. Ha!
    Have a wonderful weekend Sweet lady,
    Hugs Rosemary...XX

  4. What a wonderful tour Jo...I almost feel like I am there with you in this wonderful city...Thank You so much...yours is the first Paris 'party' I have been to hosted by the beautiful Anita...Dzintra

  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and stories of Paris! I feel like I've had a mini-holiday now!

  6. Lucky you! Such a beautiful place I someday hope to visit. Have fun while you are there.


  7. Oh boy! I got to see history that I wouldn't have known about were it not for you. I love seeing historical anything so this was a real treat. And it's fun to see pictures of you and that special man who adores you back:) Enjoy your holiday weekend and be safe if you travel. Now I'm off the see the rest of Paris....

  8. What a wonderful trip you had Jo! I have actually been to quite a few of those places back in the early 80's and this was a very nice walk down memory lane!

  9. MERCI MILLE FOIS JO for participating in this fun and frivolous event!!! I LOVE TO SEE the different points of view from all the participants and yours is full of precious memories like mine. Do come over when you get a chance, Anita

  10. Just beautiful !!!!
    Im Anitas friend too!!
    I am in Paris now too (virtually :)
    But you were there for lovely!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Deborah xo

  11. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Wow your photos of the trip are amazing! Love all of them but especially love that stained glass window and the art piece of the man coming through the wall. I would love to have that in my pool area. :)
    What a great conversation piece that would be, right? :)

  12. Oh dear Jo, your comments made me so happy; being a teacher, I found that my greatest gift as an educator is giving others the PROMPTS they need to bring to MIND what they want to express and to see them bloom...children especially but when I am able to give friends the chance to create, then I know I am doing what I was meant to do...enjoy this fine day, Anita

  13. I agree with you History should not be forgotten.
    Thanks for showing your lovely photos.
    Sending you some Dutch love

  14. It is great to be with you in Paris darling....hope we meet again.....nice party from love ......bisous

  15. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! How lovely! Anita is so wonderful for making this Paris Tour Party happen! Beautiful blog!

  16. Wow JO..pure BLISS! I loved seeing your gorgeous adventure...thankyou for sharing..incredible..magical...yay!!
    AWESOME photos....enjoy your memories..

  17. Hi Jo...I dont know if my comments made it for sharing your fabulous trip..such a gorgeous advnture...awesome and magical!

  18. What a lovely trip you had. I don't think I could ever be bored looking at photos of France. Thank you for sharing!


  19. What a fabulous trip! I'm pretty sure it was a blast! Have a lovely week ahead, Kellie xx

  20. Bonjour Jo,

    So lovely to meet you through Anita's party and discover your blog.
    Your photographs are wonderful and thank your for showing us. Isn't it the most beautiful City. I have been lucky enough to visit France twice, just love it.

    Happy weekend

  21. Wait...did you say that this post might bore us?!?! What?!?!? Quite the opposite, my dear, what an amazing set of photos ... visiting Paris is on my bucket list for sure and it was glorious to be able to "go" on this trip with you!

    xx Cat brideblu

    ps. Comfortable shoes are a MUST on any trip I take ... never know how much walking you will do and comfort is KING :)

  22. Anything with history calls to me like a siren song...thanks so much sharing your "travel music" with me!

  23. What a beautiful trip! The shots are gorgeous! Love to you! Anne


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