Monday, May 23, 2011

THE BOHEMIAN INSIDE................

I am a child of the 60's...although...I had a family at the time and a very responsible job.  I always just looked from afar at all the "flower children" and smiled at their antics and outfits.

Now...entering the ripe age of my mid-60's .... I find I am a latent "flower child" myself.  

I have fallen in love with color all over again....and can't seem to get enough of all the wild color combinations that are appearing out there.

Found this great "Boho" bag at Anthro.....loved it the minute I saw screams 60's and the little mirror flourishes are right out of India.

Can't seem to get enough of blue....turquoise, aqua, name it....I love it all.

Found the old industrial cabinet while out junking....I'll paint it eventually...but for now....painted the lamp on it instead.  You guessed it.....a shade of blue with a little yellow wash.  

This mirror frame...was another junking was a red-brown....needed more blue...  It got painted also.

This came out a little darker shade of blue...but doesn't bother me one bit.  The "more the merrier... I say".


I am fearless when it comes to mixing things up a bit.  I am not afraid to paint anything....and if I can embellish things a little...I will do it!.
Most of these pieces I've had for 20 years or I'm a little tired of out comes my paint brush!!

This is just one corner of my living you think I could add more pillows?? LOL LOL
This house is a happy house.....don't you think??

In fact....I want to declare today, Monday..May 23rd.....

Hugs sweet ladies,



  1. We are so much alike. I loved the Flower Children as well. During the late 60's, Washington Square Park in NYC was a mixture of beat, hippie, and upcoming yuppie. What a special time it was

  2. I was a flower child in everyway. Hair to my waist, flowing skirts, ribbons blowing in the wind and a sweet baby on my hip. Today I am still alot like that.

  3. I love all the color in your living room Jo and yes indeed it does look like a "happy house"!
    I too am 60 now and I find that I too am just wild for color. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don't care as much about anyone's opinion but my own now.
    Have fun with painting, I too have a multitude of painting projects just screaming my name!
    Tina xo

  4. Yay Happy House Day! Beautiful photos..i love it all..and adore the same blues too..beautiful fun-spirited post..shine on!

  5. Your home looks like a beautiful happy home to me. All the colors blend and looks great. Enjoy painting and working in your happy house sweet Jo. Hugs

  6. That's a lot of pillows! Love all the color. I was a flower child, or at least I wanted to be. But I grew sort of drab in my middle years. Now, I, too, am bursting forth. Walls are full of color and so is my closet. What fun.

  7. Ah Jo, I'm glad you have allowed the latent Bohemian Gypsy in you out...welcome to the Land Of Boheme' you will find it a most enchanting and fun place to reside!

    Hugs from a fellow Bohemian Sista... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Love all of your beautiful bright colors Jo... yours IS a happy house... my favorite is your new little purse, love it!... xoxo Julie Marie PS I was never into the "flower power" of the sixties either, but when I was a little girl, I DID wear flower garlands in my hair that my sister and I would make out of sweet clover blossoms...

  9. I've always felt I was a flower-child/hippie at heart too. I LOVE how you painted that lamp and your living room is gorgeous! I'm a huge lover of turquoise blues with splashes of pink/magenta. Your home looks very happy and welcoming. :)

  10. Yes! It looks like a happy house and a cozy house. I can see that you're not a minimalist either.

  11. HAHA, I still have the hair to my waist:) I love your house with all the happiness Jo. You're the one who makes it hApPy:) Just add more colorful pillows...and maybe a little blue! Mwahaha:)

  12. Jo,what a gorgeous happy home you have! One can never have enough colour in their lives and I think you found the perfect shades of blue :)

    Happy Creating Jo!
    Jeanne xx

  13. I was a hippy but I left it till the 80's when I lived the alternative life in Northern New South Wales in Australia. I love all your colours. I just put mine on canvas and life in quite a plain house. SO yes May 23rd - next year cos we are a day ahead of you - Happy House day!

  14. What a happy home indeed! Love all of those pillows and such a great job with all of your finds!

  15. Your couch full of pillows just screams, "WELCOME FRIENDS!!!" I just love it. I also love your bohemian spirit as it soars through life blessing everything it touches with beauty.

  16. Color makes me happy too and your living room is a rainbow of gorgeous colors! Hope you've had a great week. Best wishes, Tammy

  17. Hi Jo,

    Yes, your home looks like a Very Happy Home! I love bold colors, the brighter the better. LOL
    I love things from India. Their fabrics arfe lovely and the colors right up my alley. :)
    Love that Boho bag and the cute table.

  18. You have a lovely home. I loved the flower childrenof the 60s too! I was a Catholic schoolgirl! Hee Hee


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