Thursday, May 5, 2011

MY MOTHER'S TREASURES.....................

All of us have mothers~~some of us are lucky enough to really get to know our mothers~~~some of us aren't.

For those of us who aren't lucky; we gather bits and dabs of information where we can and try to put together a person that we think we know.

That is the case here..

My mother was a gorgeous woman (this body goes with the head above...for some reason my scanner would not scan this whole pic (O: (O:  She had a complicated life and a complicated death.  Because of this fact; I have very few of her possessions.

My beautiful Aunt Ruthie saved what she could and passed them down to me when appropriate.

Her high school diploma....

She only had nine people in her graduating class....can you imagine

A class autograph book given to my mother by a fellow classmate.  Inside are little poems and sentiments written from friends.

The cross that my mother had during her final days....I have made it into a beautiful keepsake bottle.

A tea set and a few beautiful china plates that I have in my home.

These are the only things I have left of hers....and when I come across them from time to time...I remember how much I loved her and how I seemed to realize from a very early age that she was sort of a lost soul placed on this earth for only a short time.

Oftentimes.....It seemed....I was the mother and she was the daughter..

More tomorrow....enough for today...

Stay well sweet friends,



  1. Lovely post Jo bittersweet.
    She was beautiful!
    Sometimes i think my son and i change roles too...he's so wise and solid strength.

    Pamela xo

  2. Hello Jo... what a beautiful lady!... I am happy you have some of her treasures and your cherished memories... Happy Mother's Day to you my friend!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Oh Jo, your mother was so beautiful. I often wonder, particularly in times when women were expected to lead half lives; to squelter their own needs, passions and dreams in order to live up to the social "norm", if it did not in some ways impact their very own ability to openly share their souls depth or love, even to their own children. How blessed you are to know your own love for her and to see her for the human being she was. I am hoping your Mother's day is one of eternal warmth and wholeness.

  4. beautiful treasures to hold dear to your heart...

  5. I send you butterfly kisses and always treasure your memories...
    Hugs Rosemary...XX

  6. I can tell that your Mothers's keepsakes are a treasure to you. I feel the same about the few items I have from my Mother. The cross is absolutely beautiful : )

  7. My gosh, your mother was so beautiful! She looked like a movie star! The items you have of hers are more precious than if you had a whole house full.♥

  8. Very moving. The bottle with the cross is especially lovely. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

  9. Oh,dear Jo!
    HOW wonderful is your post!!!
    SO fantastic MOM:-)))*

    Wish you very lovely Mom weekend,my dear friend!

    Wish Love,

  10. Your mother was so beautiful. I've no pictures of my mom. Most were burned in a fire; the rest my ex-hubby destroyed when I told him I was leaving him. I feel sad now because as the years pass, her face has begun fading away.

  11. Lovely post you, I don't really know my mom. I was adopted, never had the chance to know my biological mom...long story maybe I'll blog about it-would make a good post. My adopted mom is quite closed off; never got the chance to really know her. Excellent post albeit bittersweet...Hugs...

  12. Beautiful post! HUgs Jo...I love your beautiful gorgeous and wonderful! Gorgeous pic of your a stunning beauty! Thanks for sharing your heart and soul always!

  13. Sweet Jo your mother was beautiful. Her treasures that you now have are wonderful. I enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing your mom and your feeling with us. Hugs

  14. thank you Jo for sharing this
    your mother was beautiful
    it makes me think of my mom
    and what i thought was a
    dysfunctional relationship...
    remembering the day i told her
    "you have to love me, but you
    don't like me"...bittersweet

  15. What a beautiful post, Jo. (I had a beloved Aunt Ruthie too!) You've created wonderful tributes to your mother with her treasures. I can see the love you feel for her in each and every one of them.

    I've been blessed to have quite a few of my mothers things, yet I still don't feel like I ever had the opportuity to know her as a woman, and not just as my mother. I think that generation (she'd have been 90 this year)
    had a very different view of relationships... especially mother and daughter.

    Wishing you a joyful and love-filled Mother's Day, my dear.

    ~Mrs B

  16. Jo honey this is such a beautiful post about your lovely mother. I am glad that I got to come by and catch up tonight otherwise I would of missed this.
    I can see your mom in you especially your eyes. Your both beautiful.
    Can't believe you were a Harley Momma. lol
    Enjoyed reading your previous post. I miss you
    Happy Mothers Day dear friend

  17. Beautiful post, I felt great love for you and your mother. OO Rosie

  18. Relating..Relating..Relating...

    We all survive in spite of it all.
    And we learn to bring the happy memories out.

    Happy Mom's day to you my sweet friend. And to your mom...she gave us you:)

  19. Lovely post Josette
    it can be such a difficult thing these memories.. but surely treasured..
    Good on Aunt Ruthie for saving such memories and passing them on,.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  20. Touched my heart, she was beautiful. My mom too had only 12 in her class and a very similar autograph book. It must have been popular during the 1930's & 40's. Love your blog!


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Mother's Day is always a bittersweet day for me.  I lost my own beautiful mother many, many years ago and miss her still. How...