Monday, May 16, 2011


Ancient cultures and religions oftentimes believed in fate or destiny.......Your fate was determined by the stars, tea leaves, stones, bones or many other ways that were open for personal interpretation. Events were often blamed on fate and predestination.

Modern society often questions the validity of fate.
In today's world...why is it that some people seem to have all the luck....and other's none at all? Or why is it that some people have to blame everyone else for their unfortunate circumstance? I know that one time or another....kicks all of us in the gut.....but where does one's responsibility begin and end about one's life.

In my own humble opinion...I believe each of us is responsible for our character and how we handle what comes our way.  Having come from very difficult beginnings...I know firsthand how easy it is to blame my parents, my family, my job, etc....for whatever ills befall me.  But.....taking that one step further....I realize that I have had choices ALL along.  As a child our choices are limited, I know, but even a child can decide between right and wrong. 

Many things influence an individual.....but you can pick and choose which ones to bring into your life.  It is the choices we make that make all the difference. 

It is the choices we make that build our character.

It does not matter what our beginnings.....we have the ability to change our ending!!

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  1. I believe in free will, that each of us has a responsibility as to how we live our lives. But, I also believe that there is such a thing as destiny, such as two lovers destined to meet.

  2. I think we go down paths, chosing sometimes and being guided by the Angels who are watching over us. My Grandma is one of those Angels!

  3. Oh, that darn Mary beat me to what I was going to say!

  4. So well written and with insight!

    I feel that only if we take responsibility for our actions and failures can we take credit for our accomplishments.

    Glad I ended up here and will return again and again.

    have a good week.

  5. Hi Jo, I do believe that we create our destinies - and at the risk of sounding too New Agey, which I'm not, I believe the universe knows who we are and constantly offers us choices and opportunities that we may or may not recognize. I also think our destiny is to improve the lives of others, not necessarily ours. Giving always comes back - another law of the universe, don't you think? Ciao, bella!!

  6. Hi Jo... I too believe we are what we make of ourselves... but I also believe in fate, destiny or whatever one chooses to call it... I know there have been many times in my life when "someone" stepped in and helped me find my direction... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. I do not believe in fate or destiny.

    Nor do I believe in any religion.

    So I don't believe in pushing so-called-"right" and so-called-"wrong".

    Look at the so-called *religion of peace*. They believe in killing me and all who do not follow their religious rules. Guess to them, this killing is good. Well, it isn't to me! So there we have just one example of how difficult it is, to put labels on all actions, and force those labels "down children's throats."


  8. A beautiful & profound Post Jo! Thanks for stopping by & I can certainly relate to the battles you're confronted with and waging. The one I'm dealing with now has to do with receiving appropriate educational resources for my G-Son who has special needs that the District doesn't want to pay for because it's expensive. We've given them 3 years, they've failed dismally, I've found appropriate resources and have an entire Team of Caseworkers and Doctors in our corner... but its a process, a frustrating & tedious one with many denials and appeals and meetings where you are greatly outnumbered. If we were Foster Parents of Special Needs Children we would receive more help, but because we are Custodial Grandparents we are denied many of the resources other children with similar needs receive and I take issue with that. I'm waging war on 'the system' as it stands because it is biased and unjust with huge disparities. It doesn't help that Princess T is presently on several breathing treatments a day so I have to find adequate child care for her that can administer her medical needs while I attend all these darn meetings where we get nowhere and I have to 'maintain' my Peace and resist the Maternal instinct to fight any way I can to protect the offspring I am deeply committed to and entrusted with since our Daughter was not well enough to raise them. She was a casualty of neglect by the System of adequately assisting the mentally ill, so I refuse to allow the next generation to be neglected and discriminated against due to disability and not have their abilities properly nurtured. So a very passionate issue for this Gramma...
    Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Well said, my friend! Like all humans, I've made my mistakes and I'm sure I'll make more of them, but it's imperative that I own them with as much humility and honesty as I do my successes.

    Be well. Sending warm hugs your way,
    ~Mrs B

  10. Wow, you packed a big hammer with this one...hit the nail on the head for me. We relate as far as the childhood choices, but I too believe we had them then. I've always told my kids that what they do with their lives are their choices...good or bad. This I strongly believe. But I also think there's something else within us that may steer us toward something. Like Auntie, I'm not a believer in organized religion. And I also agree with what Mary said. Yet I know there's more to I've learned to listen.....

  11. happy to stop by....enjoyed reading this post

  12. Great post and have to say interesting comments.
    I believe we have free will and do create as we go along. But fate or God does have the final say. Sometimes he knows what's best for us in the end.

    Pamela xo

  13. Hi Josette ~ We have free choice and you should never allow fate to control your life if it makes you feel unhappy. In the end the final choice is yours. Our destiny is about the future and may not always be easy to explain until we get there! Listening to our inner voice helps us.
    Lots of hugs, Rosemary...XX

  14. JO - So beautifully written. I believe that life is similar to a tree with many branches. We have several possible outcomes but whatever our destination, depends on the journey we chose along the way. May your path be clear and full of love.

  15. Jo, your writing about fate or destiny is so moving. I know a young women who could benefit from such encouraging words but she doesn't follow blogs. Would you mind emailing me the text so I could forward it to her.
    If so, thank you.


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