Sunday, May 1, 2011


YEP.....that's me a long time ago.  I was a motor cycle MAMA!!

My beautiful soul mate and I used to ride a Harley.  He drove...I rode in the QUEEN he called it.  LOL

and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED every minute of it.

We were careful...wore helmets and all that but we would ride as often as time would allow.
Most of the time they were just short rides on the weekend to go to breakfast or lunch since we were still working.

BUT......we did take one eventful long ride from AZ to Aspen, Colorado and back.  We were gone a little over two weeks.  Spent nights in little local hotels and were accompanied by some wonderful friends.  
These particular friends were experienced riders and had been on many a long trip so they instructed us as to how to pack ...i.e. LIGHT and what to bring. must understand....a motor cycle MAMA has to look good; so of course I brought way TOO MANY clothes....and lots of PRETTY EARRINGS!!  LOL LOL
My poor honey had to schlep bags of junk every time we settled in for the night....not to mention the additional weight it put on the cycle.  Oh....but he was a good sport about it.  Did I happen to mention that my packing was somewhat instead of having all my toiletries in one bag...I had them scattered throughout several ...making it necessary to carry in 4 bags instead of one.  Oh...and I really ended up wearing pretty much the same 3 or 4 things the entire trip. (O:  Our friends tell jokes about how we had to mail our dirty clothes home because there was no room in the duffle bags for anything else.

There was a time or two...I thought he was going to shoot me....but all in all...we had such a wonderful time.  I would do it again in a heartbeat....but alas...with a little aging and a few health concerns we have parted with the sweet HARLEY.  At the time it was such a grand adventure....little did I know what wonderful memories we were making along the way!

Please tell me....what wonderful memories have you uncovered with YOUR spring cleaning??




  1. What an adorable picture of you. Isn't it wonderful how a snapshot can bring so many delightful memories back?


  2. This picture is amazing and adorable. . . right down to you red boots. I hope you frame it.


  3. Oh Jo, what a hot mamma you are! I say are because you are still gorgeous. What wonderful memories you have shared. Didn't we all have too many clothes and lots of earrings at one time? Okay,I still have too many earrings but hey, it's a chick thing. ;-) And in response to a comment you left me, how wonderful that your are daydreaming now. It is what keeps us young. Have a great week, my lovely friend!

  4. well, none as exciting as yours, but we're looking forward to
    making some more in colorado in a week!

  5. Ah, the exuberance of youth! I have always loved riding on motor cycles but I too have left that behind for this lifetime.
    Love the red boots!

  6. Hi Jo... what a cute pic!... I think you should get another Harley... I can't wait to start riding ours with Jack again... he went on a ride today... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Well, my experience with Harley's....
    My mom was a biker chick/Mama/Old in Biker Gangs. Really:) I'll have to find a picture of her and get it on my blog.

    I love that you rode a Harley too. How funny that you needed so much. Is that a fanny pack? I hear they're coming back:)

    Nice trip down memory lane!

  8. I love it. Wish I had more memories of my youth. Most burned in a house fire before I even moved to the city, and then when I left my ex, he destroyed everything before I could get it. What a wonderful smile. Love those red boots.

  9. I love the picture of you and the Harley and what a fun read. Sounds like you had so much fun and it is wonderful you have enjoyed the memories of that trip...what a treat during spring cleaning. Hugs

  10. Jo ! You are some kind of wonderful.

  11. Cool photo!! I used to ride motorcycles. I wasn't crazy about the motorcycles, but I like the outdoors and the going fast and the wind blowing my hair.


  12. A motorcycle Mama, I love it!!! You've got soul Josette! Our neigbors down the lane recently bought a Harley both have retired, mid 50's she was a little embarrased about it and was asking me what I thought. I quickly replied you just bought yourself freedom! Both of them sped by on their hog Saturday grinning from ear to ear! :)
    Love your post.
    Lots of hugs

  13. Memories are our tresaur !.I have never had a bike,but I believe is very fun to runn with the wind!!!.

  14. WHat a fantastic photo Jo! You were a knock-out (still are). I think I need to start digging in my old photos and see what I can find...
    Have a good week!

  15. May 2... What a cutie!!!!!!!!!

    And of course you had to bring all the stuff, to "embellish the lily"! And hubby certainly was happppppy you did!

    Always wanted to ride a motorcycle... :-)

    "Today, Justice"

  16. Sweet! Makes me miss our bike. We never took it on any long trips but we had some wild rides! I'm sure I'd have overpacked if we did! Seems like a lifetime ago...

    I think this picture should go in your sidebar, don't you? The red boots are b*tchin'!

    ~Mrs B

  17. Love the red shoes. You Go- Biker Momma.Richard at My Old Historic House

  18. LOVE it Jo! I had many Biker Friends in my wild and turbulent Youth, but always fearful of riding since I wanted to lean in the wrong direction, I think I sank my nails through many a leather jacket trying to hang on for dear life! *winks*

    Thanks for stopping by, yes, that Trader Joe's and the Chakra 4 are my fav Shops on the East Side but since I live FAR West I don't get over there nearly as much anymore. Many moons ago I worked at Paul Johnson Jewelers which used to be across the street there on 20th... so that area holds many fond memories even though I never lived on the Eastside.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. How about a 'trike'? It almost has the comforts of home and you can get a pull behind for all your 'bling' and accessories. My guy wasn't a Harley owner but we sure had fun on his bike. Many times went fishing and I held a stringer of fish all the way home.


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