Friday, May 13, 2011

IN THE GOOD OLE' SUMMERTIME........... is summer in Arizona....I know....many of you haven't even had Spring yet....but here it seems we go from Winter right to Summer...with almost no Spring in between.

Summer is a time for having friends for dinner and cooking over the grill.

Had our neighbors over last night for burgers on the grill and a very simple salad made from what was in season and on sale at the grocers.

Red and Yellow bell Peppers
Garlic and herb season salt
Golden balsamic vinegar
Olive oil

Easy-peasey to make.....dice all veges very small
I start by adding twice as much vinegar to oil....but you can season as you like...salt and pepper to taste.
This simple salad is yummy and actually is part of the Medi-fast diet it is low in calories as well.

Tonight....more company....I'm making roasted chicken with rosemary...and my friend, Shirley, is bringing the salad.

As we have gotten older, I've come to realize that we don't need a 5 course meal at dinnertime.  The simpler.....the better.

How about you.....????

Have a beautiful weekend dear friends,


Photo:  Brenda Ferguson painting


  1. and our servings can be much smaller!
    I'm jealous of your summer meal in May.

  2. I agree! Simple is best! I do have to admit that it took me a while to get used to the idea of dinner time being just the two of us, but I grew to like it very much. I think it actually makes me want to "do it up big" and have a crowd over now and then. It just seems a bit more special, now that I'm not doing it as often.

    Have a lovely weekend, Jo!
    XOXO ~Mrs B

  3. You had a nice time.

    And guess you didn't even notice that Blogger has been down. :-)


  4. I AGREE! And it is better for the waistline! The best part is the dessert of great conversation and friendship. Thank you Jo for visiting; so nice to see YOU!!! Anita

  5. Hi Jo, all of that sounds delish!... wishing you a beautiful weekend entertaining... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Oh your salad sounds delicious! I agree 100% that we certainly do not need a 5 course meal. A protein and variety of vegies are perfect! I wonder if that beautiful painting at the opening of this post is one of yours? Enjoy your fabulous meal and company!

  7. i agree with you Jo
    simple at our age is best
    in the summer i can make do with salads
    love the freshness that comes with
    walking outside and picking a tomato
    and cucumber from the garden
    i just planted chives and put them
    in the kitchen window
    i read down @ your post UNDECORATE
    my word now is DOWNSIZE
    and you're so right...move it here
    and the room looks totally different!!!
    all the best

  8. its still winter in ca, i am drooling at your warm sunny summer fare...


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